Rednecks are some of the most ingenuous people you will ever meet, and they don’t get enough credit for it. The word “creative” doesn’t even begin to describe the ideas some of these people came up with. After searching the internet for hours, and having a lot of laughs, I narrowed it down to 11 of my favorite redneck inventions, well, 10 actually, number 11 is a Redneck idiot… They are bred, not invented. LOL enjoy…




No one likes having to move, especially when you have to carry furniture up and down stairs in an apartment… Do Rednecks live in apartments? LOL



Technology has invaded the country and you will find innovation taking place everywhere… Here we have a Redneck with a prototype for an energy saving light switch. You will no longer have to worry about your children leaving the lights on when they leave a room…

If you are interested in investing in this innovative product, I’m sure the inventor would love to speak with you. He was close to signing with General Electric, but he could not get the light in his office to stay on… 🙂



Every parent knows what a pain it is to have to keep picking a babies “binky” up off the floor because they are always spiting them out, or throwing them at some stranger in the grocery store checkout line when you are not looking.

This creative parent found a rather clever way to solve the problem and prevent the baby from crawling off when you turn your back.

This DIY project only requires one watermelon and a sharp knife. Oh, please make sure you store these in the refrigerator when not in use.  Good luck!



If you have EVER had to tackle the job of trimming this pain in the a%$ weed, then I need not explain how ingenious this is to you… If you have NEVER had to trim one of these, then there is no point trying to explain this to you… LOL



Rumor has it, this 40-year-old Redneck was told to put a condom over his wiener, before things got boiling hot…

I said Rednecks were “INGENIOUS,” as in creative… NOT Genius, as in smart… LOL



I’m sure everyone has heard the term “Snowflake” to describe the recent generation of lazy, overly sensitive kids who believe they are entitled to everything… No work required.

Well, what you are looking at in this picture here, is a couple of Redneck “Snowflakes.”… I know, sad and unusual, but stranger things have happened… LOL



Now, I’m sure there will be some of you that will laugh at this, but ANYONE that spends anytime outdoors working hard, or playing hard that has ever wished there was a way to rinse the dirt off of themselves, this here is THE SH&T!

This thing is so creative I think I will file for a patent, manufacture and distribute them… Anyone interested in pre-ordering? LOL



City girls will probably laugh at this and wonder what’s the point, but the Rednecks know that when your Maw says “get them taters peeled, NOW!” She means it! And you darn sure don’t want to still be trying to peel potatoes with 30 of your inbred kin folk sitting down for dinner. 🙂


Rednecks who live in the country often have to put their mailboxes out along the main raid because the mailman may have once delivered come rain, sleet, hail, or snow, but today your mail is delivered on nice days ONLY!  The days of them riding on horseback miles down a country road are over too…

Now, when you live in the country and all them mailboxes are lined up along roads everywhere you go, city folk might think, oh, how nice and convenient. I guarantee you that’s not what the Redneck youth are thinking… They are thinking lets get drunk and grab the baseball bats!

Monday morning new mailboxes are being sold at the hardware store… 🙂

This here ingenious contraption is perfect for placing mail in, it’s waterproof and inconspicuous to the drunk Redneck teen swinging the bat… This thing will last you a long time! LOL

redneck-innovation-inventions-25-300x300 (1)


Well, this is the end of my crazy Redneck Inventions and I have chosen to end it with a video everyone will not only enjoy, but I’ll bet even the most boring among you know at least ONE person that would do something like this… Most drunk, some sober… LOL

If you have any crazy Redneck stories, share them in the comment section! Thanks!