8 Creative Military Punishments That Are INSANE!


[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”26″ bg_color=”#eded00″ txt_color=”#dd0000″]1[/mks_dropcap]USMC here. In our unit we had one guy that would constantly hum songs. Well one day our CO had enough of his behavior so he Tells him to Report to his Locker. so he goes to his locker and stands in front of it, CO tells him to get inside the locker. when he does he shuts and locks the door with him inside. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a quarter and pushes it through the vent holes and tells the guy to start singing, and tells him that whenever someone puts a quarter in the slot he was to sing another song. this went on for 6 hours, the guy made around 15 bucks in quarters and we were all in pain from laughing at him.

Needless to say he acquired the name ‘jukebox’ and never hummed again.


[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”26″ bg_color=”#eded00″ txt_color=”#dd0000″]2[/mks_dropcap]Saw a drill instructor (USMC) have a recruit find a rock, name it Dignity and then throw it. Poor sap spent the next three hours asking people if they’ve seen his friend Dignity and walked around calling out for it.

[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”26″ bg_color=”#eded00″ txt_color=”#dd0000″]3[/mks_dropcap]A service member was a total f**k-up, to put it gently. Couldn’t be on time, couldn’t show up dressed to standards, constantly forgot professional courtesies, so on. When he was on his last straw, his squad leader pulled him aside and more or less started yelling, then stopped himself.

“No. You know what? I’m done yelling at you. It doesn’t work. Stay right here; don’t go anywhere.” He stormed off into the company building. The phrase, “Stay right here, don’t go anywhere” is typically the precursor to something horrible happening when said in anger. The squad leader eventually emerged carrying a small-ish potted tree which he hands to the service member.

“You will keep this tree alive. You will carry this with you where ever you go in uniform. You will take it to PT, you will take it to chow, you will take it to work. If anyone asks you why you’re carrying this f**king tree around, you will tell them, ‘It’s to replace the oxygen I stole from everyone else.’


[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”26″ bg_color=”#eded00″ txt_color=”#dd0000″]4[/mks_dropcap]Guy in basic dropped the biggest turd you’ve ever seen in the commode. So he shows the Drill Instructors who then make him suit up in full combat gear weapon and all, and guard it all night. The whole “halt! Who goes there?” Pretty amusing.

[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”26″ bg_color=”#eded00″ txt_color=”#dd0000″]5[/mks_dropcap] A Marine pooped while we were in the field doing exercises, Drill Instructor of the platoon behind us accidentally stepped in said turd. Whole company had to stand in formation and watch the poor soul dig a hole 6x6x1 as we held a funeral for the turd. We did not have a bugle to play for the piece of turd as it was lowered so one Marine had to stand there making an “ok” sign over his lips and makes bugle noises. The soldier that made the crap had to bury the whole thing while the Drill Instructor read a prayer.

trashed boot camp squad bay

[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”26″ bg_color=”#eded00″ txt_color=”#dd0000″]6[/mks_dropcap]A fellow lance corporal at the time let out a sneeze. Huge snot rocket pops out and lands on his cheek, I mean just one beast of a thing. My sergeant standing in front of him talking to him while this happened let out a, “What the hell you nasty bitch, put it back.” And right back up it went. Funniest shit I have seen.

[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”26″ bg_color=”#eded00″ txt_color=”#dd0000″]7[/mks_dropcap]In the Marine Corps when we really messed up we would go “fishing” It is where you squat down like your sitting in a chair and hold a shovel out in front of you in the air like a fishing pole. Then you just sit there for a long time and if the shovel would start to droop down my sergeant would grab the tip of the shovel and start to shake it and make me pretend I was reeling in the big one. One time me and a buddy got in trouble together so they made him fish and me flop around on the deck like a fish he had already caught for almost an hour.

[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”26″ bg_color=”#eded00″ txt_color=”#dd0000″]8[/mks_dropcap]While in Boot Camp, a Drill Instructor yelled at this guy to, “Beat his face”, meaning to do push-ups. Said guy had no clue it meant that, and promptly punched himself in the face, really, really hard, and fell to the ground. The Drill Instructor had to walk that one off and you could hear him laughing hysterically as he walked behind a building.

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8 Creative Military Punishments That Are INSANE!
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