North Korea Fires Unidentified Missile According To South Korea Military


The South Korean military has reported that North Korea fired some sort of projectile that has yet to be identified, that landed in the sea off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula.

The projectile was launched from somewhere in North Korea’s western region according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, but no other details were provided as of yet.


North Korea’s mental midget, Kim Jong Un said in his New Years Speech that the country was close to test launching an (ICBM) Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and his state run propaganda media, (The North Korean CNN) has been reminding everyone the test could come at anytime.

That latest boastful attempt by the mental midget to “scare” us Americans came after General “Mad Dog” Mattis was sworn in as our Defense Secretary.

General Mattis was visiting South Korea at the time, so he looked to the North and sent Kim Jong Un a firm message letting him know that if he was not careful, we would not come at them Obama style with empty threats, but that there would be an overwhelming response.


North Korea has been playing with nukes for some time now and they have conducted two nuclear test to date and several other missile related test. The mental patient Kim Jong has had his military working overtime to improve their weapons capabilities as if he actually has thoughts of using them.

If he does decide to have his people launch an attack, the people of North Korea had better pray our Marines get our dirty laundry to them in a hurry because the little turd is starving the population in the North half to death so he can play with his toy soldiers.

Hopefully we are paying close attention to what the North is up to and will have leadership that does not hesitate to act swiftly. Chances are we can knock anything out of the sky they launch our way, but if they were to even start shooting a barrage of artillery into the south, the damage and loss of life would be horrible.


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