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Otto Warmbier, the 22-year-old UVA Student Who was just recently released from the mental midget’s regime in North Korea after 17 months has died.

Otto had been sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a propaganda banner off the wall of his hotel while there with a group of students from the University of Virginia.

In a surprising turn of events last week, the mental midget Kim Jon-Un, released Otto from the communist dictators regime. Only much to everyone’s surprise, he was not released from a labor camp with calluses on his hands and feet, he was released from a hospital where the family was informed he had been in a coma since just days after his trial and sentencing.

Otto’s family had him admitted to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he under went an intensive battery of test and was determined to have been essentially brain dead. The North Korean’s claim that Otto slipped into a coma after being diagnosed with botulism and taking a sleeping pill. The doctors and the University in Cincinnati say that is a highly unlikely story and they could see no indication there was any truth to it, yet they were uncertain what caused his condition.

They said that it appeared as though the condition of his brain was caused from some sort of cardio pulmonary arrest causing a critical deterioration of brain tissue. There were no signs of traumatic brain injury though.

Whatever Otto experienced at the hands of the mental midgets regime in North Korea, it cost him his life.

I had little sympathy for the situation he ended up in since I believe one has to be a fool to travel to North Korea given their history and pattern of taking American hostages for one reason or another. He may have deserved to be punished, but he in no way deserved a death penalty and the North Koreans are responsible for his death in my opinion…

The mental midget had better watch his back… His days are numbered I’m sure… I hope…

God Bless the Warmbier family….

KGB Defector

SemperFi, SGT A