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The war of words which has morphed into a variation on the definition of “is” continues from CNN. See, the network that pushes all things transsexual went on the offensive to explain how they are arbiters of truth. Check this out:

Apples…bananas…it’s all fruit, right? Their argument, of course, is that in the spirit of objective truth, one cannot call an apple a banana or vice versa without being wrong on accuracy.

Well, there is one problem with that notion, that CNN is all about objective truth. This is the network that has had more than one talking head refer to men in drag as a woman simply because the man “identifies” as a woman. Honestly, just because a man puts on underwires and a dress, he does not have the girl parts or the double X chromosomes that science says (you know, science, as in objective truth that supposedly supplants God??????) defines which humans are women regardless of wishful thinking and psychological confusion.

After that tweet on Monday, The Daily Wire publicized radio host Greg Tomlin’s video lampooning the entire idea that CNN is all about the truth.

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

That, unfortunately for CNN and the various leftist institutions out there trying to change the definition of is, is an actual fact that gets to the base meaning of truth. Just as apples are a seed bearing fruit, and bananas are a fruit of a different variety, men and women are different sorts of humans. Members of either sex or gender can try to be what they are not, but in the end, Mother Nature wins out. Men and women are complimentary, not interchangeable.

The sooner the truth arbiters at CNN and other media outlets understand that, the sooner the ladies will appreciate not having men try to be us.



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