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This is not a story that I take pleasure in writing and the video is not one that I enjoyed watching, but this is without question something every American needs to watch, and something American’s need to act on… ASAP! National Hero

It amazes me that after a decade of war in Vietnam, where we saw these sort of problems with our returning veterans, and now after thirteen years of the War on Terror, we are seeing similar issues with our returning veterans and the criminal justice system, yet nothing was or has been done to change the way we deal with the situation?

There has been a lot of talk about the problem and to the credit of some jurisdictions, veteran courts have been put in place.

According to Bureau of Justice Statistics 54 percent of state prisoners are veterans and 64 percent of federal prisoners are veterans. As of 2007, Vietnam veterans still made up the largest population of veterans at 38 percent. National Hero

Guess what the majority of the infractions are for? Substance abuse… Anyone want to guess what it is related to? Post Traumatic Stress.

It just so happens that the soldier in this video, Sgt. James Brown, was reporting to prison to serve a two day prison sentence related to a Driving Under the Influence conviction. He informed the prison he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress in writing when he reported. National Hero

brownfamilydownloadI don’t know about the rest of you, but when I watch this video, I do not see anyone giving the slightest consideration to this veteran dealing with Post Traumatic Stress. I know a lot of veterans work in the law enforcement and corrections profession and as I watch this, I can’t help but wonder if any of them are prior service.

This soldier turned temporary inmate posed absolutely NO threat to anyone in that cell all by himself. His only crime was not answering the one officer when he was trying to speak with him. We will never know why he did not answer him, but we can be sure that he was NOT a threat and there was NO reason to send a team of thugs rushing into his cell the way they did.

Once they subdued the soldier who clearly was unable to fight back and was only struggling to get his breath, they continued to manhandle him, ignoring his pleas for medical attention and all signs that he was indeed in distress.

Screen-Shot-2015-05-19-at-8.38.01-AMMistakes get made, even serious mistakes that lead to fatalities… Sadly it happens. Where those in law enforcement lose my respect, and where they have managed to turn public opinion against them in a way that is detrimental to the nation and the safety of both police and citizens, is when they investigate themselves and determine that they did nothing wrong.

This practice of having the accused investigate their own crime needs to stop! It is said that to commit the perfect crime, one does not have to be a brilliant man, just the man in charge of the investigation.

How anyone can watch this video and not see more than one wrong committed by the corrections officers is beyond me. Did they enter the soldiers cell with the intent to kill him? Of course not, I would not suggest that or believe that for one minute. Did their overzealous, careless actions result in the soldiers death? You are damn right it did!

No man who has put his life on the line fighting for the American people deserves to be treated this way. That’s not to say that they do not have problems and make mistakes that may result in them ending up in court or incarcerated, but they do deserve a system that provides for any and all help they may need to cope with their experiences in combat. We should also expect that those responsible to them while incarcerated know how to properly deal with them, understanding and taking into account their training and experience.

brownimagesThis video has been released specifically because Sgt. Brown’s mother wants America to see exactly what happened to her son in the El Paso County Detention Center, according to KFOX14. His mother hopes there will be changes to prevent this from ever happening again to one of our nations warriors.

I agree with Mrs. Brown… This should NEVER happen again!

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