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I’m sure most of you have heard about President Trump’s press conference recently, where he spent more than an hour slapping the press pool around like a Wing Chun Master on a wooden dummy. If you missed it, you really should find it on YouTube and watch it in its entirety. enemy

If you missed the news conference, you are probably not alone, but unless you live under a rock on top of Mount Everest, I doubt you have been able to turn on the television the past few days, without hearing about President Trump’s news conference.

As I watched President Trump masterfully handle the press, there was so much irony in the exchange that I just could not resist writing about some of the insanity.


If you are the sort who only watches 30 minutes of news in the evening and only get to see selected clips of President Trump, you are sure to believe he is pretty thin-skinned. The liberal media—and quite a few on the conservative side—constantly hammer that idea into your head.

If you take the time to watch his interviews in their entirety though, you begin to notice that those with the thinner skin are sitting in the press pool. President Trump does seem to be a proud, or prideful man who can’t seem to resist commenting on every false, or negative comment made about him though.

To call him thin-skinned though, especially if you look back over the past two years at all of the insults and hateful comments about not only him, but every member of his family, to include his 10-year-old son, is disingenuous.


If you watch the full seventy some minutes of his last press conference, pay closer attention to the press pool. President Trump is cool as a cucumber. His demeanor is that of a relaxed man, who shows no sign that anything the members of the press say, is disturbing him.

On the other hand, watch the body language of the members of the press and listen to the tone of their voices. The longer President Trump let the press conference continue, the more disturbed the members of the press became.

Every member of the press that got to speak, were noticeably troubled by President Trump’s calm demeanor. They were shouting questions over one another and when called on, were repeating the same questions over-and-over again. They conduct themselves like a bunch of 1st graders desperately trying to get the attention of their teacher.

In the moments and days following the press conference, while the President has gone back to work, doing more in a day by accident than the rest of them can get done in a month, the “thin-skinned” children of the press, have done nothing but whine and cry like a bunch of petulant children.

As President Trump had predicted at the press conference, as soon as they filed their stories with their newspapers, magazines, and television stations, the deception and lies began flying across the headlines…


There was one specific comment that President Trump made, that seems to have really hit a soft spot. Everyone—and I mean everyone—in the press, to include some with the only “pro Trump” media outlet in the world—FOX News—have got their shorts all wadded up over it…

So what could President Trump have said to hurt their feelings so bad? I mean heck, he has been calling them liars, phonies, failures and useless to their face and in front of the American public already… On many occasions! What else is left?

Well, if you don’t know yet, you are going to love this… He has declared the press an “enemy of the people!” Yup, you read that right… President Trump has told the American people that the lying, cheating, deceptive members of the press are an “enemy of the American people!

The press, the liberals, and all the RINO’s like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are stomping their feet yelling “he’s come unhinged, he’s come unhinged” like kids in a grocery store checkout line, stomping their feet screaming, “I want one, I want one!” They ARE COMING UNHINGED!

The situation has truly become laughable if you are aware of and accept the known FACTS and are not deceived by the lies, speculation, and empty rhetoric being sold to the public by the lamestream media.

While I agree that a free and open press is one of the most important facets of a free and open Republic, that press MUST BE honest!

A press that derives it critical importance from the necessity that the people have a reliable watchdog to keep them well informed, is essentially committing a form of treason when they lie to and deceive the American people… They are in fact the enemy!


Our founders did not mention the press in the Constitution and give them the 1st Amendment assuring the people a free and open press, so they could become the de facto propaganda machine for one political party over another.

When the press favors one political party or candidate over another, they become the enemy of ALL Americans… When the press colludes with one political party or candidate over another, they have committed an act of treason against ALL Americans… The 1st Amendment protects the right of the press to gather and distribute information to the American people… It does NOT give them the right to decide, or dictate to us what information to believe or how to vote…

Until the press gets back to providing us with honest, unbiased information that WE THE PEOPLE can discern the truth from and make a well-informed “personal” decision… They will remain the enemy!

KGB Defector

SemperFi, SGT A