Fake News Chrome Plugins Are Just That— FAKE!

[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”32″ bg_color=”#ff0000″ txt_color=”#0007ed”]T[/mks_dropcap]he past couple of weeks the issue of “fake” news sites has become a hot topic. It is not a new topic by any means, people have had to discern what information is good and what information is bad since people started publishing their writings and opinions on the internet. Fake News


In the early days the rule of thumb was, “don’t believe anything you read on the internet,” then as more reputable sources entered the cyber world, the internet has become everyone’s go to source for information.

The ONLY reason the issue of “fake” news has suddenly become such a hot topic, sending LIBERAL media outlets into a frenzy trying to push the likes of Facebook and Google into censoring the information posted on their pages, is because the liberal Democrats are claiming it is the reason Hillary lost the election.

Yes, that is right, Hillary Clinton, the first female candidate for a major political party, the perceived chosen one, lost her 2016 campaign for the presidency of the United States of America because of too much “fake” news on the internet. If you have the most recent Chrome plugin called the BS Detector, your BS Detector should be sounding a loud alarm right about now!

Fake News

Have you ever heard of something so stupid? A few people distributing fake news on the internet swayed 300 million Americans to divert their vote to Donald J. Trump. Hold on, there is more I want you to think about.

As the liberals keep stating, so everyone knows, Hillary got some two million plus more votes that Donald J. Trump. This would mean for the clever distributors of “fake” news to insure Hillary was defeated, they had to target the American people in such a way as to effect the Electoral College. Just putting “fake” news out there indiscriminately would have never been able to accomplish that.

I’m no statistician, nor am I inclined to attempt to work the math on that, but if there are any statisticians out there, I would love to know what the odds are of a bunch of “fake” news sites, operating independently, targeting the people via the internet in such a specific way as to effect the Electoral College while allowing the other party to win the popular vote count. My guess is it is somewhere in the neighborhood of a Gazillion to one.


I did not raise my right hand and take an oath to defend the Constitution of a nanny state… I took an oath to defend the Constitution of a free people who live their lives without government intrusion. Americans are smart enough to spot fake news when they see it, they do not need someone making that decision for them.

This is especially true when you look closer at who is compiling this list of “fake” news sites and then look even closer at the list of sites. These list have been compiled by ultra liberals and every site on their list just happens to be a right leaning news site.

I firmly believe that Americans are equipped with the necessary G2 (Intelligence) to spot what is a difference in opinion vs. what is outright“fake.” If you are not aware that there is liberal news and conservative news out there, then I want to move to wherever it is you live. It has to be the most beautiful place with unicorns and fairy dust. 🙂

fake news

I had someone message me and inform me that a site with a story I re-posted was a “fake” news site. I asked them to send me something “fake” from the site. I got a quick response that the site was on a list of fake sites. I again asked them to send me something fake from the site. Some time passes and I get a “I could not find anything” response, followed by, “but look at the site they list as one of their sources, that doesn’t cause you concern?” I asked if the information they used from the source was incorrect and of course it was not. By the time the conversation was over, he was rethinking what he had “heard.”

I had someone tell me in response to my comment that a difference of opinion does not equate to “fake” news, that you are entitled to your own opinions but the facts are the facts. Well, I agree with that, but I would suggest to you that if put one liberal in a room with one conservative, they will both have a different set of “facts” on the same issue. Politicians—and those who follow politics—seem to have a propensity to spin “facts” to suit their agenda.

The bottom line is that each and every individual American has their own BS detector at rest on top of their shoulders. None of us need anyone to censor information for us… Hell, I know people that love reading satire and some that not only enjoy reading conspiracies, but believe them to be the REAL gospel and think the mainstream media is the government funded propaganda machine.

fake news

Our founders intended to create a free nation with free people who were free to believe what they wanted to believe, think the way they wanted to think, and were free from government interference.

Besides, if someone is naive or gullible enough to believe their great, great, great grandfather was a Nigerian King, who left $5 billion dollars in gold to his heirs that was just discovered when the new King was renovating the palace, but customs requires them to send $10,000 via Western Union to release it, then… Well, ask yourself… Will a public service announcement warning them the notice is fake, or the loss of $10,000 teach them a lesson they will not soon forget?

fake news

And as one last thought on this “fake” news issue, should the mainstream media, that just spent the last 18 months doing everything they could to promote Hillary Clinton as the next president, to include secretly exchanging information, be your judge on what is or is not fake news?

Stay away from any “fake” news plugin and stick with your own BS detector resting on your shoulders, that you should trust and rely on for everything!


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