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Hopefully by now everyone has heard about the California City Councilman/El Rancho High School Teacher who saw a student wearing a Marines sweatshirt and proceeded to tell his class that those in the U.S. Military are the “lowest of the low” and asked them to think about their uncle or whoever they know over there forcing them to pontificate about how stupid they are.

I am just hearing the student interviewed on Fox & Friends and he says that the teacher made him explain to the class why he wanted to join the military. One of his reasons was that it is a family tradition and the teacher responds by asking him in front of the class if his family beat women would he continue to beat women, essentially equating military service to physically abusing women.

In the video below Brian Kilmeade had the opportunity to interview the President’s Chief of Staff General Kelly about the State of the Union Address and during the interview asked General Kelly What he thought about the comments made by Gregory Salcido, the high school teacher berating the military in front of his entire classroom full of students.

Well, if you have ever seen General Kelly interviewed or watched him testify before Congress, then you know he is one to remain fairly calm and level headed, yet is always direct never mincing his words… People know exactly where he stands on a topic when he is done speaking. LOL

So when Brian Kilmeade ask General Kelly what he thought of the comments made by the pompous school teacher, in a very composed manner General Kelly looks at Brian Kilmeade and says, “He can go to hell!”

I will leave the rest for you to listen to in the actual interview I am embedding below. The interview was conducted on Brian Kilmead’s radio show but there is video of it because he broadcast his radio show on Facebook Live every morning as well.

Stay tuned for my update on the pusillanimous Gregory Salcido, I have gathered a good amount of additional information on his background and I believe I can accurately tell you that he is, “The lowest of the low!”

The interview with General Kelly Begins at -2:23:10 on the below video. Enjoy and let me know what you think of his remarks in the comment section!  SemperFi

SemperFi, ~SGT A~
Chief Of Staff General Kelly Responds To Teacher Calling Marines "Lowest Of The Low"

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Chief Of Staff General Kelly Responds To Teacher Calling Marines "Lowest Of The Low"

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