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In the minds of the mainstream media and their sycophantic liberal followers, gun control, and the drive to repeal the second amendment lock, stock, and barrel, is all the rage. (It really isn’t, but they never seem to let reality interfere with their worldview.) The idea behind the push is that draconian gun control will solve all the problems related to school shootings.

Well… A few facts get in the way of that thinking. The Daily Wire compiled a list:

Criminal firearm incidents are fewer than defensive uses.

There was a range of 500,000 to over 3 million defensive gun uses in 2013, according to research from the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council published by the CDC. That same year, there were 11,208 firearm homicides and 414,562 nonfatal illegal gun uses, according to the CDC and National Justice Institute, respectively.

Mass shootings happen less often where the people are armed.

Between 1977 and 1999, “right-to-carry laws reduced both the frequency and the severity of mass public shootings; and to the extent to which mass shootings still occurred, they took place in those tiny areas in the states where permitted concealed handguns were not allowed,” found Bill Landes of the University of Chicago and Lott.

Oops. (And that factoid comes to us courtesy of a school started by the Rockefellers. Double oops.)

FACTUAL PROOF Gun Control Doesn't Work {{VIDEO}}

Buyback programs don’t work, they just take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. Britain’s gun buyback resulted in more crime until police presence was increased. Australia was already seeing a downward trend in crime. In the USA:

According to a Center for Disease Control (CDC) report, “Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence,” gun turn-in programs are “ineffective”:

There is empirical evidence that gun turn in programs are ineffective, as noted in the 2005 NRC study Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review. For example, in 2009, an estimated 310 million guns were available to civilians in the United States (Krouse, 2012), but gun buy-back programs typically recover less than 1,000 guns (NRC, 2005). On the local level, buy-backs may increase awareness of firearm violence. However, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for example, guns recovered in the buy-back were not the same guns as those most often used in homicides and suicides (Kuhn et al., 2002).

With the exception of the areas where gun control is most strict, the heavily armed United States has a low homicide rate compared to other countries.

And, perhaps the most damning piece of evidence that gun control is all about making law-abiding citizens sitting ducks: 98% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones.

“According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, only a little more than 1 percent of mass public shootings since 1950 have occurred in places that were not considered to be a gun-free zone. In fact, as Crime Prevention Research Center President John Lott Jr. noted in October 2015, only two mass shootings in the U.S. since 1950 have occurred in an area where citizens were not prohibited from carrying a gun,” reports The Blaze.

Yeah, don’t expect the mainstream media to report any of this honestly anytime soon.



~Deplorable Patriot~

FACTUAL PROOF Gun Control Doesn't Work {{VIDEO}}

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