What The Heck Is A Constitutional Democracy!?!


Where is the hell do these liberals come up with this Constitutional Democracy BS from?

The Washington State attorney’s are all uppity and proud that they got a court with the nickname 9th circus that has damn near 90% of all their cases overturned on appeal, to agree with them… Not sure I would be boasting about that.


That aspect of this case over the immigration Executive Order does not leave me bewildered at all… They are all liberals, so one would expect them to maintain such a low standard for success.

What really gets me though, is how in the hell do these people raise their right hand and take an oath to support and defend our Constitution, when they have NO clue the form of government they have sworn to represent…

I have not personally read the appeal courts ruling yet, but the attorney read the portion of the order where they said this is a great victory for our “Constitutional Democracy”… Yeah, there was that bizarre form of government they created again… I am hearing that way too much from the liberal’s lately…


People like to say “we are all Americans” when things get too tense, as if that will get everyone to shut up and start holding hands as they sing Nancy Pelosi’s rendition of This Land is My Land.

If you think we are ALL Americans, guess again!

We are not engaged in civil discourse and debate with other Americans who just have a different point of view, we are now dealing with unruly, organized mobs rioting and burning down business and residential communities.

Their Senators and Congressional leaders representing them, such as Elizabeth Warren and Tim Kaine, are grabbing the microphone and encouraging their gang of thugs to get out there and “fight in the streets.”


They should be arrested for inciting riots and I have no doubt those words of encouragement to “fight in the streets” by the liberal leadership, will eventually result in bloodshed, just as their constant condemnation of our nations police officers did.

How else could they possibly expect things to go when they are saying such things to radical thugs who are already violently burning businesses, turning over cars, and assaulting anyone who expresses a different point of view.

No, these are not Americans like the rest of us, with harmless opposing opinions of procedure and policies, they are violent thugs using the American Constitution to support their aggressive efforts to change the core values and principles that made America a free nation!

They insist they have a 1st Amendment right to assemble, say whatever they want, and seek redress, yet they silence those with opposing views, by intimidating and oppressing anyone that does not act and think the way they do.


We had a socialist/borderline communist running for president, who is currently serving as a Senator… How is it that he takes his oath of office without perjuring himself?

We have become a lawless nation and if we continue this way, American cities like New York City and Washington, D.C.., will look like Aleppo does today.

If you are not familiar with Aleppo, it was a beautiful, modern city in Syria just a few short years ago… Today it is a war torn area of nothing but blood stained concrete rubble.

Don’t convince yourself it could not happen in America, it happened in the 1860’s and could just as easily happen in the 2060’s-or sooner-if we allow things to continue as they are.


And YES, we are lawless! This is clearly evident in the courtrooms all across America and in the Supreme Court as well. If we had men and women of integrity serving as judges in this country, it would not matter who was a liberal, conservative, or just an outright asshole, because they would judge what came before them on the law….

Today, everything is judged against the personal values and beliefs, of whoever the sitting judge is at the time… The law is just collecting dust.

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