The liberal billionaire George Soros, founded and funds a major university in Hungary, that the local government has their sights set on closing—for good!

The Central European University (CEU) in Budapest will not be able to continue operating if the conservative leadership in the country have their way and manage to get the legislation they have proposed in the Hungarian Parliament passed.


The legislation being proposed in the Hungarian Parliament would revoke the institution ability to award degrees. The legislation is a part of their effort to limit the influence foreign money in Hungarian politics. I guess we are not the only country dealing with outsiders mingling in our business. 🙂

Those familiar with George Soros, no doubt know he was born in Hungary. He continues to spend large sums of money on non-profits in Hungary, but is now a naturalized American Citizen.

The legislation proposed does not overtly target the University because it was founded and is funded by George Soros, it targets foreign institution that do not have a campus in their home territory as well.

While the Central European University is accredited to award degrees by the State of New York, the University has no physical presence there. The Hungarian government issued a statement that said:

“Several institutions are acting unlawfully when they issue foreign university degrees here in Hungary while not conducting teaching in their country of origin, as prescribed by Hungarian regulations…

“The government will be making the Hungarian regulations stricter to include the fact that universities from outside the EU can only hold courses and issue degrees in Hungary on the basis of an international treaty.”

Officials at the Central European University, of course believe the legislation has been written to specifically target them. The Fidesz Party currently ruling the show in Hungary, is to the far right of George Soros who carved out the far left of the political realm and established himself as a permanent resident over the years. You don’t have to be all that bright to figure they don’t get along. LOL

For what it’s worth, which is yet to be seen, University officials, the American Embassy, and Soros’s Open Society Network have condemned the proposed legislation.




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