Iran to Do Their Own Nuclear Inspections, Obama Administration Agrees!

Good God America… Someone please tell me I am dreaming! If not, one of two things have happened in America:

  1. The frickin lunatics have escaped the Mental Asylum and taken over OUR government!
  2. This administration, being led by Barrack Hussein Obama, is intentionally and overtly doing everything possible to destroy the American Republic as passed to us by the founders!

This afternoon, the details of one of the “secret” side deals. that the administration knew about all along, allows for Iran to conduct their own inspections.

Let me say that again, one of the “secret” side deals the administration had refused to inform the American public about, calls for the following:

Iran is going to be responsible for conducting their own inspections of their nuclear facilities. They will be permitted to use their own experts and own equipment. This includes the most suspect nuclear site in Parchin, where NONE of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Inspectors will be allowed!

The Obama Administration is dismissing the concerns raised about this as no big deal and nothing more that a typical arrangement between Iran and the U.N.’s IAEA!

When pressed by the media this afternoon, a spokesman insisted that this still meets their standards and robust requirements for inspections… ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME!?!

This is absolute LUNACY!!! Every American Patriot should be contacting their elected representatives and DEMANDING that they oppose this ridiculous deal with Iran!

In my humble opinion, I also believe that every American Patriot should INSIST that EVERY person involved in the negotiations with Iran who approved/agreed to this deal, should be terminated, fired, impeached, demoted, ANYTHING other than remaining in a responsible position representing the American people!

In fact, I’m not so sure making such a deal does not constitute TREASON!

And remember, they did not just agree to this ridiculous arrangement, they LIED to the American people and our elected representatives in the Congress and Senate! I can’t imagine why they would not want to share such a minor detail with the American people… Can you? [HEAVY emphasis on sarcasm]

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am beside myself after hearing about this… I can not believe we have representatives being so wreckless and careless with the safety and security of the American people! It is as if they are trying to sign our death warrant!

For those that want to believe Obama’s fear tactics and insistence that rejecting this deal will mean certain war with Iran… Well, consider this… There are two general references used with regard to war since the invention of the nuclear bomb, conventional war, and nuclear war.

While there are some who believe a nuclear war can be fought and won without total annihilation of mankind, it is generally acknowledged that an all out nuclear way would result in the end of mankind as we know it and it would take hundreds of years for this planet to recover to the point it was fully inhabitable again, if ever.

So the American people have to ask themselves… Would they rather see us fight a war against Iran with conventional weapons, or wait twenty to thirty years until Iran, and most likely others in the Middle East have a nuclear arsenal, as well as the delivery systems to get them into our air space?

And those of you who think our armed forces could not kick the ever lovin sh^t out of Iran… Well, you are probably those same people who thought Iraq would defeat us because we had no combat tested troops at that time…

This is SERIOUS business everyone! If we give all these billions of dollars to Iran, lift all the sanctions against them, allow them to conduct their own inspections to insure compliance with an agreement, we may as all start livin like there is no tomorrow… You can damn sure bet our grandchildren won’t have a tomorrow.

God help was!



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SemperFi, ~Sgt A~