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I learned something new this week following the State of the Union address… Did you know that “only Fox News Viewers” are aware of MS-13?

According to this pompous Harvard Graduate on MSNBC, Joy-Ann Reid, that is a stone cold fact! It’s good to know at least one liberal gives us credit for being well informed… Unlike those who watch the mainstream media channels…

Thank God I did not get to watch her entire ignorant rant on this MS-13 issue. I only became aware of the comment watching the Laura Ingram Show on the Fox News Channel when she played a brief clip of Joy Reid in an animated rant declaring that only Fox News viewers were aware of who MS-13 is.

The clip is played by Laura Ingram to solicit feedback from the parents of a young lady that was brutally murdered by the vicious gang from El Salvador. The parents had also been guest of President Trump at the State of the Union address.

This Joy-Ann Reid must live a wonderfully entitled and sheltered life because MS-13 has been killing people on America for decades now and their terror is well known by most people in my social circle. Did I hear someone say something about “privilege?”

I live in a rural area a couple of hours outside of Washington, D.C. and even the citizens out here have been impacted by MS-13. Just a few years ago a young girl in her teens was found brutally murdered and left on a river bank in a secluded location. They were probably not aware when they dumped her there that while secluded, it is a popular place where people seeking some tranquility visit rather frequently.

Thank God President Trump has the DOJ cracking down on them and getting them out of our country or locking them up in a cage where they are safely separated from society.

Anyway, enough of my babble, I thought you might find this brief clip of this fool entertaining and good for a brief laugh. If you don’t find either of those things in the video clip, then perhaps you will find it a useful clip for your toolbox of stupid liberal memorabilia… LOL

Share your most memorable “Stupid Liberal Comment” in the comment section… 🙂

SemperFi, ~SGT A~
MSNBC's Joy Reid: ONLY Fox News Viewers Know Who MS-13 Is {{VIDEO}}

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MSNBC's Joy Reid: ONLY Fox News Viewers Know Who MS-13 Is {{VIDEO}}

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