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On Sunday evening, after the deadly shooting in Las Vegas that saw over 500 wounded and 59 people die via gunfire from above, a Go Fund Me page for the victims was set up.

The GoFundMe page was created by Steve Sisolak, the Clark County Commission chair from Las Vegas, who started the fund-raiser off with a donation of $10,000.

“We are raising funds to assist the victims of the tragic Las Vegas shooting. I spent last night with Sheriff Lombardo at Clark County’s only level-one trauma center,” the page said. “Funds will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting​.”

The stated goal on the official Las Vegas Victims’ Fund fundraiser page is $15 million, almost twice what the record was before the Las Vegas shooting which was $7.85 million in a fundraiser set up following the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando in 2016.

As if this writing on Thursday afternoon, October 5, the Las Vegas Go Fund Me stands at $9.4 million.

According to reports the fund itself got a boost from a few NFL players, Kid Rock, Mike Tyson, and other celebrities who were able to donate sizable amounts.

The money “has been donated by generous people around the country that… care about what we’re doing,” Sisolak said in a news conference on Monday evening.

“The hate that this one individual, this lone wolf, rained down on our community and on the MGM Village park was met with an outpouring of love by our entire community. And we will get through this together.”

The GoFundMe page will service immediate needs such as providing airline tickets and accommodations to victims’ families and supplies to shelters, where hotel guests unable to return to their rooms have been instructed to go.

And, as usual, the American people are coming through. This mass shooting set records for being the worst in the nation’s history. So has the generosity from the American people.



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