American HERO Passes Just Days Before 95th Birthday!


The United States of America has lost an iconic American hero, Lieutenant General Hal Moore, who passed away just three days before his 95th birthday. Monday, February 13, 2017 would have been his 95th birthday.

Some of you may remember the movie that Mel Gibson produced and stared in, “We Were Soldiers.” LTG Hal Moore was the main character played by Mel Gibson and the story revolved around the battle of la Drang.

LTG Hal Moore

LTG Hal Moore earned his place in history with the battle of la Drang, claiming the first of several things of significance. LTG Hal Moore was the first American Commanding Officer to engage in a large scale battle with the M16, He developed a new concept of warfare utilizing the helicopter to fly deep within enemy territory and deploying troops after finding a suitable Landing Zone. (LZ) This is how he got his troops into la Drang. The Battle of la Drang was also the first time American troops engaged the NVA on a large scale.

LTG Hal Moore and his troops found themselves out numbered in la Drang by more than 10 to 1 and at one point in the battle the NVA got inside their defenses and the fighting was hand-to-hand. It was an intense bloody battle to be sure, but the NVA learned that fighting the Americans was not going to be as easy to fight as the French had been.

LTG Hal Moore earned many awards for valor during his 32-years in uniform serving his country, with the Distinguished Service Cross being the most notable. That is the award just below the Medal of Honor and he earned it for his conduct during the battle of la Drang.

The following is a statement released by his family:

“We regret to report Lt General Harold G Moore Jr passed away in his sleep on February 10, 2017, also the birthday of his wife, Julia, who passed away in 2004. Mom called Dad home on her day. After having a stoke last week, Dad was more lethargic and had difficulty speaking, but he had always fought his way back…

By the time we held an early birthday party on February 9th, Dad could no longer speak and was visibly tired. Upon seeing his cavalry Stetson, his iron will forced a final communication to his beloved West Point, his precious soldiers and the US Army. This video shows his final hand salute. God bless our Dad. Keep and protect him.

Chills just went up my spine. As I type this, an ice cream truck drove by improbably chiming the 7th Cavalry ballad, Garry Owen. Dad just told all of us he is fine.

We are working the details of the funeral. As a devout Roman Catholic, Dad’s Mass will be held in St. Michael the Archangel Church in Auburn AL. After moving to Fort Benning for a memorial service at the National Infantry Museum, internment in the Fort Benning cemetery, the family will host a reception back at the museum.

All are welcome to attend and we will publish a schedule as soon as it is finalized. We will attempt to live stream the memorial and graveside service. The services will probably be on either Thursday or Friday.”

[arve url=”” align=”center” title=”How a Warrior Speaks – Hal Moore in Vietnam” description=”How a Warrior Speaks – Hal Moore in Vietnam” upload_date=”2017-02-12″ maxwidth=”680″/]

[arve url=”” align=”center” title=””Leadership in Battle” LTG Hal Moore” description=””Leadership in Battle” LTG Hal Moore” upload_date=”20017-02-12″ maxwidth=”680″/]

[arve url=”” align=”center” title=”General Hal Moore and Sergeant Major Plumley” description=”General Hal Moore and Sergeant Major Plumley” upload_date=”2017-02-12″ maxwidth=”680″/]

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American HERO Passes Just Days Before 95th Birthday!
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