Magazines Around The World Depict Violent Pictures Of President Trump!


America, this situation, created and being escalated by the liberal Democrats, is spreading worldwide and getting out of hand! The combination of divisive and straight out violent rhetoric being heard by so many young, impressionable, and uninformed minds is dangerous and simply put, is going to get people killed. Magazines

The effects of this insanity coming from the liberal leadership and mainstream media, not only impresses the wrong things on impressionable American youth, it also represents what the rest of the world sees, and thus thinks about us and the person serving in the White House.


It’s one thing to play harmless political games with the opposition, like placing emphases on them not allowing their income tax forms to be scrutinized, or playing a blame game like who is responsible for not balancing the budget.

When a member of Congress or the Senate grabs a bull horn or microphone the way Senator Warren did recently, and starts yelling at a crowd of wound up supporters that have been rioting for weeks now, and starts yelling that they need to get out there and FIGHT! Then continues by admonishing them that Democrats tolerate too much and never fight back, she may as well pen a Declaration of War.

And of course this comes just days after a recent Vice-President Candidate, Senator Tim Kaine, gets on prime time television encouraging Democrats to FIGHT! To fight in the schools, to fight in the courts, to fight in the STREETS!

[arve url=”” align=”center” title=”Sen. Tim Kaine: Democrats Have To “Fight In The Streets” Against Trump” description=”Sen. Tim Kaine: Democrats Have To “Fight In The Streets” Against Trump” upload_date=”2017-02-05″ maxwidth=”680″/]

Free speech and the right to “peacefully” assemble are the crux of the First Amendment that sets us apart from most other nations, but when you start encouraging those who have assembled to FIGHT, then you have stepped outside of the First Amendment and into the criminal code… Had either of these been Republicans they would have been charged with inciting a riot.

With all these fools constantly playing the tune of divisiveness and hatred, it’s no surprise that the mainstream media picks up on it, dresses it up to look glamorous, then around the world it goes.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out when America’s news anchors are constantly calling Our president a Nazi, racist, and misogynistic pig, that some countries will pick up on it and not take too kindly to knowing such a man is the American President.

You could end up with images like this on the cover of Der Spiegel, and German news magazine:

TrumpGERMANmag_Der Spiegel_cover


Or like this that appears on this months cover of Village Magazine, a political and cultural magazine published in Ireland:

If this sort of rhetoric does not end soon people are going to end up getting hurt and it will all be on these politicians and the liberal media supporting and spreading their message. This is real and it is going to get real dangerous!

I can’t help but recall how Hillary Clinton and her liberal media had all sorts of dialog going talking about how they would hope that Donald Trump had plans to keep his supporters from rioting when he lost expressing that they would prevent the peaceful transfer of power… These liberal democrats have been a joke for many years, but their rhetoric is no longer funny and I fear people are going to get hurt if they do not pause for a few minutes and get their heads out of their backsides so they get some blood flowing and oxygen to their brain.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe this will end well? 

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