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OK, this is crazy stupid, unfortunate, and really sad to boot…

A man in Edgewood, Maryland accidentally shot himself in his leg and First Responders were dispatched.

Now, most people would think no big deal, it’s just his leg… Not really a lot of vital organs in the leg right?

Well, when the Deputies and Paramedics that were dispatched arrived at the home of 28-year-old Tryon Aldo Vice and noticed he was shot in the leg, none of them, including Tryon expected things to end the way it did.

The Deputies were first on scene and immediately began providing your typical first aid, no doubt applying pressure to the wound and trying to stop the bleeding. When the Paramedics arrived Tryon was losing a lot of blood and they kicked into high gear doing all they could to get the bleeding under control, but sadly they were unsuccessful and Tryon Aldo Vice passed away on the scene.

Talk about having bad luck… There is really only one shot in the leg that would kill a person that fast that could have created difficulty and that would be the femoral artery.

I could not find enough information on this incident to determine exactly what transpired leading to Tryon’s death. One could assume several things. First, I suppose it is possible with so much blood they did not immediately notice the femoral artery had been hit and was causing Tryon to exsanguinate, or perhaps the shot destroyed the artery so bad they were unable to get a tourniquet high enough on the leg to be effective and they were unable to get to the artery to clamp it off.

Whatever the details, dying from an accidental shot in the leg is about as unlucky as one can get…

I will leave you with this though… There is no such thing as an accidental shooting. The only way to get a modern firearm to discharge a round is to pull the trigger… That does not happen by accident, it happens by carelessness… That aside, life is precious and it’s too bad this happened.


SemperFi, ~SGT A~
Man Accidentally Shoots His Leg, Paramedics Stunned By What Happened

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Man Accidentally Shoots His Leg, Paramedics Stunned By What Happened

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