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Marines Dream Wedding Thrown By Quaint California Town He Calls Home


Marine Cpl. Juan Dominguez lost both his legs and right arm in Afghanistan when he stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device in 2010. Like all good-looking young Marines, he still attracted beautiful women. Just months after stepping on the Improvised Explosive Device, he fell… In love! That love turned to marriage and Alexis is now his wife.

Marine Corps Wedding

The first meeting Cpl. Dominguez and Alexis had was when he flew her to Washington, D.C. to watch him race in the Marine Corps Marathon. It was somewhat impulsive and she apparently thought he was crazy for flying her into Washington, D.C on such an impulse. I’m sure by now she knows crazy is a Marines finest quality. 🙂

Cpl. Dominguez must have impressed her, because it was not long before the two of them moved to Southern California, to the quaint little city of Temecula. “We fell in love with it,” said Cpl. Dominguez, who is from New Mexico. “It was really because of the people.”

Marine Corps Wedding

When the two lovebirds moved to Temecula, the local townspeople embraced Cpl. Dominguez as a local hero. They not only embraced him in a loving philosophical way, but the townspeople actually raised enough money to buy Cpl. Dominguez and his love a house. They have also declared a special Juan Dominguez Day.

After getting settled into their new home in this town that was showing them so much love, Cpl. Dominguez asked Alexis to marry him. Like a true gentleman, he sought the permission of her mother before he proposed.

Marine Corps Wedding

The owner of a local winery, Bill Wilson, asked Cpl. Dominguez if they had any plans for the wedding when he learned of their engagement. When they began to discuss the wedding plans, Mr. Wilson offered to donate the venue, food, and wine.

After that, things just seemed to start falling into place. Jennifer Molloy, who runs a local event planning business offered to donate her services and used her connections to help arrange a dream wedding they would remember forever.

Marine Corps Wedding

Roughly $30,000 to $35,000 was donated to Cpl. Dominguez and his lovely bride Alexis for their dream wedding. There were a couple of things Cpl. Dominguez insisted that he pay for himself though, even though they were offered to him as well. Those things were the bride’s beautiful dress and wedding ring.

There were 147 of the couples closest friends and family in attendance at the wedding. Cpl. Dominguez may be a triple amputee, but he hooked up his prosthetic’s, buttoned up his Dress Blues, and walked down the aisle to be wed to his loving bride.

Marine Corps Wedding

The two of them departed for a six-day honeymoon in Bora Bora and are planning a long future together.



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