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As First Lady, there are very few women who have been raked over the coals as Melania Trump (Nancy Reagan had a rough time with them, as well as both Mrs. Bushes, but not like this). Michelle Obama did not have a rough time with them, and Hillary Clinton certainly did not.

Of course, no first lady since Jackie Kennedy was a stunning ex-model who was far more accomplished than most people on earth, either.

But when the press corps latched onto a report – denied by the woman, a porn star, involved – that her husband slept around while married, and Mrs. Trump was a last minute cancelation to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the cat-infested press corps began to meow loudly.

The first lady was not amused.

Fed up with the salacious and unfounded reporting, her spokesperson issued a scathing statement to the press:

“BREAKING:The laundry list of salacious & flat-out false reporting about Mrs. Trump by tabloid publications & TV shows has seeped into “main stream media” reporting. She is focused on her family & role as FLOTUS – not the unrealistic scenarios being peddled daily by the fake news,” she tweeted.

We’ll see if the claws retract in Washington.

In the meantime, it does seem to be the case that even after a century of women’s “empowerment” and learning to live in the world of men, so many haven’t gotten out from under the hair driers when it comes to those who are beautiful and accomplished. Women still flick at each other like cats at the slightest provocation.

It’s bad enough when women do these things rather than rise above it, but now men are getting into the act and beauty shaming as well trying to impress the clique with their snark.

Sad that civilized people act this way.



~Deplorable Patriot~

Melania Has Had Enough, First Lady Takes A Swipe At The MSM

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