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Since its appearance on the world scene, ISIS, the Islamic terror group, has been a thorn in just about everyone’s side. The United States has taken the lead in dealing with ISIS, but after years of fighting and national sacrifice of humanity and treasure, the U.S. is ready to pull out. However, ISIS is not completely defeated yet. That being the case, to rid the planet of the scourge, U.S. officials will be reaching out to Arab nations to build a coalition to defeat ISIS.

“The President has made clear he wishes to see the US continue and complete the campaign against ISIS in Northeast Syria. The President has also made clear he believes regional and local parties — regional and local forces need to take on this struggle as they themselves are directly exposed to the consequences of a resurgence of ISIS,” David M. Satterfield, the State Department’s acting assistant secretary for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs told lawmakers on Wednesday.

“Therefore, we are reaching out to partners across the region to see what form of contribution — and not just financial — they may make to sustaining this fight beyond the destruction of ISIS,” Satterfield said during a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Specifically, the US is pursuing contributions from Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to help counter Iran in Syria by filling the void should the US significantly reduce its footprint in the country.

It is an ambitious plan and one that was attempted by the previous administration. Worldwide anything the previous administration attempted for the good of the people was suspect to leaders everywhere. With President Trump’s team that now includes National Security Advisor John Bolton and soon to be Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the results are sure to be different.



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National Security Adviser John Bolton Building An Arab Nation Army To Defeat ISIS

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