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Anonymous sources and Maggie Haberman have teamed up again to bring us the latest palace intrigue and innuendo about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. According to them, “The White House” is looking to oust the amazingly skilled and successful Tillerson – who is making Make America Great Again progress on all his assigned fronts – by sometime in January.

That’s a switch, really. When President Trump’s need for a particular employee is over, he usually doesn’t tell anyone his plans, nor does he wait a month and a half to make a final move if $#!t canning is on the agenda. It just happens.

Now, it could well be that today’s New York Times headline claiming that Tillerson will be replaced with Mike Pompeo who is currently heading up the CIA (who would be replaced with…Sen. Tom Cotton?) is a canary trap, or a piece of information planted with a staff member to find out who’s leaking information, but the truth is that “Tillerson is due to be gone” has been rumored enough times now, that the Old Gray Lady of the Big Apple might well be picking up where the last mainstream media Chicken Little left off.

Mr. Pompeo would be replaced at the C.I.A. by Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas who has been a key ally of the president on national security matters, according to the White House plan. Mr. Cotton has signaled that he would accept the job if offered, said the officials, who insisted on anonymity to discuss sensitive deliberations before decisions are announced.

It was not immediately clear whether Mr. Trump has given final approval to the plan, but he has been said to have soured on Mr. Tillerson and in general is ready to make a change at the State Department. Mr. Tillerson was at the White House on Thursday morning, although he was not listed on the White House public schedule.

Asked by reporters on Thursday if he wanted Mr. Tillerson to stay on the job, Mr. Trump said only, “He’s here. Rex is here.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, later issued a statement. “There are no personnel announcements at this time,” she said. “Secretary Tillerson continues to lead the State Department and the entire cabinet is focused on completing this incredibly successful first year of President Trump’s administration.”

Uh, given that the Trump Administration plays its cards amazingly close to the vest, the phrase “the officials, who insisted on anonymity to discuss sensitive deliberations before decisions are announced” should be taken with a barrel of salt. Trump White House Palace Intrigue has yet to be completely accurate despite the best efforts at publishing wishful thinking.

And then there was this in the pre-dawn hours on the east coast:

The president calls out the New York Times specifically, twice, in one morning when this story is scheduled to come out. Something just doesn’t pass the sniff test.

For months, the mainstream media has been bellyaching about what Tillerson is doing at the State Department in the way of downsizing (maybe their “anonymous sources” are now gone?). According to Tillerson, though, the reports are not exactly accurate.

As to the State Department redesign – and I use the word “redesign” because it would have been really easy to come in on day one and do a reorg. A “reorg,” when I use that word, is moving the boxes around on the org chart. When I showed up in the State Department, I was stunned when I got the organization chart out and I had 82 direct reports to the Office of the Secretary, to me – 82.

Now, almost 70 of those are special envoys, special ambassadors, positions that have been created. So we immediately undertook an examination of just what’s a reasonable way to run the place, and that isn’t it. Having run a large global organization – and I have been through three major reorganizations in my history and actually enjoy doing it – it’s always focused on how do we help the people be more effective, how do we get the obstacles out of their way.

So we undertook a different approach, and since I don’t know the department and didn’t know its culture, we had a massive listening exercise. We had 35,000 people respond and we had over 300 face-to-face interviews, and we continue an active dialogue with people today about what is it – if I could do one thing for you that would make you more effective and make you – make your work more satisfying, what would that be. And we got hundreds of ideas. We’ve actually selected about 170 of those ideas that we are now perfecting.

Those statements were made in a Q & A following a fantastic speech at the Wilson Center on Tuesday. (Available here.) After hearing that speech, and recognizing that Tillerson actually is enjoying what he is doing – redesigning the State Department – the fourth go ’round on the same “Tillerson is out at the State Department” rumor is, well…old.

We the People will believe it when it happens.



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