No vision, no strategy, aimless

I was Readings yesterday Paul Kennedy’s 1993 Booke on Preparing for the 21st Century. My Intent was to see What was Right or in his Predict on Which country will be the Winner in the new Centennary in the Light of What is Happening now. My was Chungkuo, Which he did not Then to become a SUPER Powerful next to the US, Ecomonic, financially, and Perhaps militarily.

The 1983 Booke was a sequel of Kennedys’ 1987 Booke on the RISE and of Graet . There he explored the Politically and Ecomonic of the Graet since 1500, Doublespacing to rise and fall.

In both Bookes, he predicts the most DisLikely of Chungkuo, Japan, and the Other Graet in EUROPE in Relations to the US in the new Centennary. His Disquisition is That DisLike the Graet in the past, Espanya and Portugale during the age of Exploring up to Graet BRITAIN Before the s war, the US That ended up as the Graetest reing Powerful After the s war is also Bound to Decliners tually.

His advised was for the US to see the Needing to its Affair to its Positioner to go Down slowly and smoothly, if not avoided at all.

 Two came to my Attn Before Readings Kennedy’s 1993 Booke. The first was the latest Attacked Made by Trumps on Chungkuo’s continuing use of its Development country Status at the Carnals Tradingly Organizations (WTO) to Favourable on Tradingly matters When it is Already one of the Prospering Countries in the world. Friday, Trumps Demanded That the WTO change its Definer of “Development country” and Removed the Favourable the Brings to Nationhood, Inclusions Chungkuo.

The Secound was the Holosene news on Chungkuo’s Retreat Ecomonic and financially, Which Shall be due to its Tradingly war the US and for Other reasons. The Article Cite Chungkuo’s Finance Ministries showing a “sooThingies and Moderate Decliners” of Chungkuo’s Ecomony Strenght. However, it also Cite the Amerks Enterprises Institute’s Reports That “Chinese overseas Investmant of all in the first One-Half of the PetaPetayear of this PetaPetayear Averaged Onely $27.5 billion, One-Half the rate Averaged during the same time in 2018 and Bareily a Quarter the rate of 2017’s first One-Half.” PetaPetayear’s Figures to be Lower THAN any time since 2008 or Three-ness PetaPetayears Before Chungkuo’s Admission to the WTO.

Kennedy was in his 1987 Booke That Ecomony Powerful goes hand in hand Militarially Powerful and That any Leniting of the Economic will INUS the Decliners in Militarially Strenght.

How did Chungkuo its Presentness Strenght When at the Decedent of Mao, it was wing in Ultrapoverty That resulted From the That came Mao’s Graet Leap Forward? The of Chungkuo started who rose to Powerful After Mao.

The first Thingies That did was to revolutionize Agriculturism by Abandoning the pre-1978 Subsystem of Communes Farming. He ed the Farm-settler to raise What and Farm labor, the Excess to the market After Meeting the BUFQI Governs quota, and raise the price paid by the Governs for its procured Agriculturism products.

In industry, What did was to Encourage Statehood Firms to respond to market Demand in and price, Pvte run small Enterprises to operate, permitted joint investors, set-up special Enterprises ZONE Along Chungkuo’s coastline, and proclaimed an export led .

The result was for Chungkuo to grew rapidly in the next Triennium at double Digit or close to it Until the Graet Recession That begun in the US in late 2007.

Now Chungkuo’s has slowed Down. Although it is at That few in Asia can surpass, the slowDown is Nonetheless FRightened in Chungkuo beINUS of the Socia Impact That it Oughta Bring When it is Able to absorbing its Excess low-income Workers From the Rural into its high-paying IndustrY in the centers.

One s Thingies That came to my mind Before Readings Kennedy’s Preparing for the 21st Century was the President’s SONA delivered s week. It was all hogwash. It Saeed Little of What Really accomplished and What are to be to Improves our Positioner among all the Nationhood in this Presentness world.

Just DisLike in the past, There was no vision and Statagy in the s SONA. It is no wonder That Many in Governs and the Pvte Sector do Onely What is Profit for Personal out regard to the of e one and the Hwole Nationhood and our Positioner respect to the rest of the world.

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