Obama Yanks 2nd Amendment From Under 4 Million Plus Americans! WITHOUT WARNING!


[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”20″ bg_color=”#ff0000″ txt_color=”#1600e0″]I[/mks_dropcap] always get a laugh out of liberals that mock those of us on the Right who are always alert and recognize that the Liberal Left keeps the wheels in constant motion looking for any and every opportunity to remove rights guaranteed us, or weaken rights guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights. You can almost bet that the more intense the mocking and denial becomes, the closer they are to leaving us empty handed. I.e., with another hole in our Bill of Rights. 2nd Amendment

SSA Gun Ban

Earlier this year word was flying around that Obama was trying to sneak an underhanded provision in one of the Social Security Regulations. As is typical, the 2nd Amendment watch dogs popped smoke to bring attention to the deception that was taking place. No sooner did they start to bring attention to the issue, the Liberals kicked in with the mocking and poking fun at the “gun nuts” who were again afraid Obama was trying to take their guns. How silly, we all know Obama supports the 2nd Amendment and would never try taking out guns. {Emphases on sarcasm}

So just what has Obama done this time? Well, as quietly as possible on Friday before the holiday weekend, Obama finalized a gun ban that targets over four million recipients of Social Security. The ban is expected to disqualify tens of thousands of those recipients from owning firearms.

SSA Gun Grab

Current law already disqualifies people who have been deemed mentally unfit by a court, or involuntarily committed to a mental institution. I don’t think anyone of sound mind has a problem with that, but this new regulation disqualifies anyone who has a guardian, or “representative payee” manage their finances.

Many find this problematic, because not everyone who has a guardian manage their finances is incompetent or a threat to anyone. It is not at all uncommon for the elderly to appoint a child as their guardian. One reason they might do this is because their social security is not enough to meet their living expenses and it is just easier for them to turn control of their finances over to a child who is providing for whatever supplemental income is needed.

SSA Gun Grab

Quite a few veterans end up having their caretaker, often their wife or husband appointed as their guardian. This is not done necessarily because they are a threat to anyone, it could simply be because of their health or injuries they are in and out of the hospital a lot and it is too difficult for them to keep up with their financial responsibilities. Heck, it could even be because it is just too much stress for them to manage their finances. Anxiety, stress, even depression does not make a person a threat to anyone. Most people group all mental illness into the same box, but their are mood and personality disorders. Those with mood disorders rarely if ever harm themselves or anyone else. Personality disorders are a different matter, even then to just toss them all into the threat basket is wrong.

There are also organizations that are criticizing the administration, claiming that this will have the greatest impact on the elderly, accusing the government of comparing ones ability to manage their personal finances with their risk to society.

SSA No guns

Approximately 4.2 million adults receive monthly benefits that are managed by “representative payees.” The Social Security Administration will now have to begin reporting the appropriate information to the National Instant Criminal Background System, referred to as the NICS. This information will show up if someone tries to buy a firearm and could result in a denial.

What do you think, should someone lose their 2nd Amendment Rights because they need help balancing their checkbook?

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