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The intrigue at the White House continues.

President Donald Trump, once again, has shaken up his team. On Tuesday, the firings began with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for reported behind the scenes disagreements. But the real shocker was Trump’s personal assistant who had been with him since he won the presidency.

John McEntee, who has served as President Trump’s personal assistant since Mr. Trump won the presidency, was forced out of his position and escorted from the White House on Monday after his security clearance was revoked, officials with knowledge of the incident said.

WHY McEntee’s security clearance was revoked remains a question that has yet to be answered. It could be a minor incident from another period in his life, or he could have been leaking information to enemies of the state. We just do not know enough details to draw accurate conclusions.

We do know, though, that like some other of Trump’s team that have departed the White House, McEntee will remain part of the apparatus overall.

Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign announced Tuesday that Mr. McEntee has been named Senior Adviser for Campaign Operations, putting him in a position to remain as a close aide during the next several years.

As President Trump has announced that he is running for president again in 2020, a team needs to be put in place. Why not use some of the same people who got him to the White House the first time?

However, that does not change the reality that McEntee was the latest in a string of close Trump advisors from before he was elected to not be able to pass FBI security clearances. Several are still operating on provisional clearances. Look for more staff members to change positions as the application processes are concluded.



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Personal Assistant To President Trump Escorted Out. Was It TOO LATE?

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