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Welcome to the land where political correctness will make all your dreams come true… A place where the police ride Unicorns and protect the citizens from the criminal element with fairy dust and hugs… Welcome to Bridgeport, Connecticut…

The Bridgeport, Connecticut Police Chief—the man hired to manage all aspects of law enforcement for the fine citizens of Bridgeport—has ordered all of the police officers employed by his department to remove the word “POLICE” from their uniforms, save for road job outerwear.

The memo distributed to the police officers by Police Chief Armando “A.J.” Perez issued the following directive:

“Members of Service (officers) are reminded that any wearing of ‘POLICE’ on department uniforms other than road job outerwear is prohibited. Supervisors will be held accountable for failing to enforce and abide by this directive.” 

This is insanely reckless and foolish and could put the police officers in the department in serious danger.

For those of you not familiar with police procedures and the problems this could present, I’ll give you a few examples/reasons this is a BAD idea.

To begin with, there is a reason why Police Officer’s wear a uniform with a patch on the sleeve and a badge on their chest instead of a suit and tie like any other businessman might wear to work. There is also a reason why the patch on their sleeve and badge on their chest have the word police…

That reason is so they are readily identifiable as Police Officers… When you remove the word POLICE as this Police Chief has directed the officers in his department to do, they could be mistaken for anyone from a security guard to the Good Humor Man.

That presents a serious problem since the good citizens they encounter have no obligation to listen to or respond to others in uniform. In fact, one of the first things a police officer will be questioned about if they end up in an altercation is if the attacker knew they were a police officer.

A police officer also wants other police officers to be able to quickly identify them. If it is a cool fall night and you are chasing a fleeing suspect wearing dark pants and a dark jacket without police printed anywhere, other police responding, especially if they are from a neighboring jurisdiction you wandered into, will not know if the guy in dark clothes running through a neighborhood with a gun in their hand is a police officer or a bad guy.

To put uniformed police officers on the street with no identification on their uniforms making them readily identifiable as the good guys is reckless and dangerous… It is political correctness gone over the deep end and could get someone killed.

One Sergeant in the department has been suspended for publically criticizing the policy and the City Councilman has expressed concern about the Police Chief’s leadership.

SemperFi, ~SGT A~
PC Police Chief ORDERS The Word POLICE Removed From Uniforms

Any officer can get by on his sergeants. To be a sergeant you have to know your stuff. I’d rather be an outstanding sergeant than just another officer.

—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

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SemperFi, SGT A