You Won’t Believe What Military Recruiters Have Been Ordered!

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Well, hold on to your hats people, this is sure to tick you off! Oh, I know, all of my red-blooded Patriotic American readers are already pretty good and ticked off after five of our nations warriors were executed by a dirt bag terrorist on our soil the other day, but this will have you wondering just who is winning this damn war!

I’m sure most of you have heard it said that we should never give into the threats from terrorist and go about our business regardless. After all, if we allow their threats to alter the way we live, preventing us from doing things as we always have, then they have won!

Now, being at war with “Radical Islam,” or the War on Terror is nothing new, we have been going at it for some thirteen years now. It’s officially the longest war in American history.

That being said, especially with all the publicized threats made against American service members and veterans recently, you would think that certain security precautions would have already been instituted. Seriously, it’s not as if this is the first time we have had a terrorist attack on American soil against our military personnel.

Anyway, in keeping with the efficiency of our government and the Commander-in-Chief’s sincere concern for the safety of our military personnel, Ash Carter, our nation’s Defense Secretary, ordered immediate steps be taken to improve security, and all the King’s General’s are to report back next week with recommendations on additional force protection.

Now, I’m no Defense Secretary, high-ranking General, West Point graduate or renowned scholar… I’m just a lowly Sergeant of Marines, but it seems to me like this would have been a good idea… Oh, I don’t know… After the Twin Towers were bombed? The Fort Hood shooting incident? After ISIS released that list of names and addresses of one hundred military personnel? After the Boston Marathon bombing? After any of the recent arrest in New York City of ISIS backed terrorist? Or hell… Even Wednesday, or any time BEFORE these four Marines and one Sailor were shot to death by a terrorist!

Well, I guess I’m just stupid like that… Why be proactive, when you can react and look like a star? I mean really, who notices when you do something like that before there is an incident?

OK, enough of the small talk… By now you should be wondering what else could this guy possibly tell me that would tick me off more than I already am?

Well, besides the customary increase in security level from Bravo to Charlie… What? Never mind… LOL The recruiters have been ordered NOT to wear their uniforms… Yes, you read that correctly, it was no typo… Our nation’s recruiters have been ordered NOT to wear their uniforms.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if that’s not giving into these cowardly dirt bag terrorist, I don’t know what is. I’m all for taking “necessary” precautions, but for God sake, do you really think that even the most mentally handicap terrorist will not be able to figure out that the building with the big read sign that reads Armed Forces Career Center, is not full of military personnel through the doors with all the pictures of men in uniform plastered all over them?

And before you start thinking, at least they will not be noticed in public, forget it… You can spot a Marine anywhere. They will be the ones with perfect posture, a high and tight haircut, and here’s the giveaway, the shiny patent leather shoes. In my day, they were spit shinned. Trust me; you can always spot a Marine!

If none of the above gives him away, he will be the one running toward the sound of gunfire when it begins and if he has no weapon, he will be the one either mooning the dirt bag shooting at him, or displaying some international sign language. He wants to make sure that terrorist bastard remembers him when they meet up in hell!

I agree with the philosophy that we should NOT allow these communist bastards disrupt our lives! They can NOT beat us on the battlefield on their home field; we should NOT allow them to take our home team advantage from us on American soil!

If we are not careful, Obama will turn the keys over to them!



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