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In the last year, Americans have become quite familiar with the phrase “fake news.” Many of us disagree with what that means, but when something comes out about President Donald Trump that he deems not true (whether it is or not) the man declares FAKE NEWS from his twitter perch.

Well, it has happened again and this time, Trump is so ticked off he has threatened NBC’s broadcasting license. The issue has to do with their reporting that he said he wanted to increase the U.S. nuclear arsenal at the same meeting where Rex Tillerson reportedly called him a moron. Or something.

President Trump on Wednesday forcefully denied an NBC News report that he asked to dramatically expand the U.S. nuclear arsenal and suggested he might pull the network’s broadcasting license….

The news network on Wednesday reported the president’s request, which it said shocked top military  brass and senior administration officials.

The request was what reportedly led Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to call Trump a “moron.”

At a July meeting at the Pentagon, the president said he wanted to expand the country’s nuclear capabilities after seeing data showing the U.S. weapons stockpile decreasing over the past 50 years, according to the report.

Well, honestly, the nation’s nuclear arsenal suffered from Barack Obama carrying the football, and for years we were hearing that the weapons themselves were degrading. Maybe it is time to replace them. Why this would be shocking is a question not for a man who builds things, but more for the military people who should be aware of that.

Besides, according to NBC’s own information, this happened three months ago. Why bring it up now? As usual, no sources are named, and the information is specific yet sketchy. The president denies it, calling it fake news.

The truth is that there are laws within the first amendment that apply to the media. No one may issue information that is incorrect with the intent to harm the person about which it is written or said either bodily or by reputation. That is called libel and/or slander. If this report is false – and the people at NBC know that for sure – the president is correct. Their license should be on the line.



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