President Trump Gave The Obama’s A Warm Farewell, But The Russian’s Sent A More Memorable Message!


Well, the inauguration went off beautifully without a single glitch for President Trump… None that were noticeable to the public at least… Anyone that has ever worked an event that size known there are always problems and the art of being a professional is not letting the public see the problems when they do happen. 🙂

For many of us, this inauguration marked the end of King Obama’s rule and we are THRILLED! 🙂

After President Trump and Vice-President Pence took their oath of office, they escorted Mr. and Mrs. Obama to Marine One, the helicopter the President flies in.

Marine One Obama Trump

When they reached Marine One, the President and First Lady embraced the Obama’s and bid them a cordial, formal farewell…

What none of them knew at the time, Russian activist had unrolled a banner with a not so kind farewell message to the Obama’s, and fired up a bunch of flares in front of the American Embassy in Russia.

I will leave it to you to watch the video to see the message the Russian activist had for the Obama’s, but I will say that it was not the same sort of cordial message President and Mrs. Trump conveyed to them prior to their departure on Marine One.

While the message is not in the least bit friendly, I have a suspicion that many of you reading this will believe the message the Russian activist have on the banner is quite appropriate and perhaps one you would have sent yourselves if not for your more civil upbringing… Yeah, right! LOL 🙂

[arve url=”” align=”center” thumbnail=”2803″ title=”RUSSIANS SEND HELLISH FAREWELL MESSAGE TO OBAMA THAT LEFT HIM SHAKEN AND SHAMED” description=”RUSSIANS SEND HELLISH FAREWELL MESSAGE TO OBAMA THAT LEFT HIM SHAKEN AND SHAMED” upload_date=”2017-01-21″ maxwidth=”680″/]


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