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Is propaganda protected by the First Amendment? I have been asking that a lot lately because the press has been doing a lot of chest pounding and boasting about how they are the only profession mentioned in the Constitution. They constantly preach about how important a free press is to a free and open Democracy. (They should read the rest of the Constitution, the liberals have NO idea America is a Republic)

I could not agree with them more, at least in part. The Constitution does mention the press and guarantees them protections under the First Amendment… They are the watchdogs for the people, the ones who we expect are paying close attention to things taking place within the government, so that we the people can work and live our daily lives, while remaining informed so we that we can execute our civic duties necessary for a government of the people and by the people to function appropriately.

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What I question and take deference with though, is the mainstream media claiming press status when they either omit important news to keep the public uninformed, or outright deceive the public by publishing stories that have no basis in fact.

When anyone engages in the practice of intentionally developing news stories with no basis in fact, that intentionally deceive or mislead the public with the implicit intent to win favor for one political party or the other, we call that Propaganda!

I don’t believe for one second that our founding fathers had any intention of protecting any media outlet that constantly engaged in the practice of influencing the people to favor one political party over the other.

I’ve always thought it odd that a pastor can not talk politics, but the media can endorse political candidates. Yes, I understand one is tax exempt, so what, the other has a Constitutional mandate to provide the American people with unbiased, fact based news. This practice of newspapers endorsing political candidates, then turning their paper into a marketing tool for said candidate is certainly not what our founders intended.


When I tell you the mainstream media in America has become nothing but a propaganda machine for the liberal Democrats, I have some idea of what it really looks like. I spent almost two years in Beijing, China in the mid 80’s before cars when everyone rode bicycles and still wore a green or blue Mao suit.

You could not go anywhere without bumping into a propaganda board. They were literally on every street corner and at every bus stop. The boards were plastered with news… News the government wanted the people to have… And wanted them to believe. It was the equivalent of modern day guerrilla marketing on steroids! They all carried the little red books in their pockets too that was jam packed full of more propaganda BS to teach and help them be perfect little communist.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see America end up controlled by an over abundance of propaganda programming us all the think alike… When President Trump calls the media an enemy of the American people, I could not agree more… They are NOT holding up to their responsibilities set forth in the Constitution with any integrity at all!

There was a 14-year-old girl raped and sodomized in a high school bathroom by two illegal aliens with criminal convictions in Montgomery County Maryland this week. Not a single one of the major networks ran the story, except for FOX news. The others fear the people knowing about such things out of concern that they may be disgusted by such carelessness and demand, like the GOP, that our government get a grip on our nations immigration problems!

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In addition to that news blackout, a whistle blower from inside the intelligence community came forward with very disturbing evidence that the previous administration was spying on the Trump campaign and not only failed to mask the names of Americans picked up during the course of a legitimate investigation, but detailed the activities of the Trump campaign.

The news is HUGE and the implications are mind blowing… This was FACTUAL information that we have been told had NOTHING to do with the Russians at all. What was CNN’s lead story last night? Another story about another anonymous source who “thinks” there is evidence that proves President Trump was coordinating with the Russians during the presidential campaign… Not ONE WORD about the evidence proving that the Trump campaign was in fact being monitored illegally…

If and when the media starts acting like government watchdogs and reports the honest, unbiased news the people are entitled to, I will give them the recognition an honest press would deserve… Right now, they ate nothing but a tool of the liberal democrats lying to us daily!

Anyone disagree or have additional thoughts they would like to share? Please do… Thanks for reading!

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