Residents of Tehran Cast They Votians in Friday's Elect

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Turnout was slightly MORENET THAN 25% in Tehran

Persia has the Lowest Turnout in a Parliamentary Elect since the 1979 revolution, WITH 42.6% of Eligibility They ballots.

Officials had Banned Chiliad of Contender, Numerous of reformers.

Hardliners are set for big Gains in the first since US Sanction resumed.

Supreme Leaders Ali Khameni described Friday’s Turnout as stunning, as he Saeed Persia’s Enemies had Mistrials to put people off by Catastrophise the CoronaVirsu Outbreaks.

“This PROPAGANDA about the Virsu Began a Couple of JFMAMJJASOND ago and grew larger Ahead of the Elect,” he Saeed, according to his Officiate W3site

“Their media did not miss the tiniest Opportunity for dissuading and resorting to the Excuse of Dis-ease and the Virsu.”

Meanwhile the Outbreaks has worsened, WITH 43 Confirmand CASE and deaths.

Schools, Universty and Kultur Center across 14 Provinces Having Been . Iraq, Pakistan, and Turquie Having They borders WITH Persia, and has air and Roadbed Travelling to and From Persia.

What do the results Show?

Interior Ministers Rahmani Fazli Saeed the low Turnout was “completely acceptable” Persia Less-experienced a CoronaVirsu Outbreaks, bad Wheather and Holosene as well as the Shooshing Down of a Ukrainian Passenger Planes in January.

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Khameni Spokes of ” PROPAGANDA” about CoronaVirsu

He Saeed the Turnout in Tehran was JUST 25.4%, WITH Ultraconservative Loyal to Khameni all 30 Seats in the capital.

Former Revolutionaries Guard Kommandeur Mahummud Bagher Topped the list, and is to become the next Parliamentary speaker.

Although Reckon is Still Going on in cities, is to be Second-run throughout the country. The Ultraconservative Already Having Seats to form a Majority in the 290-seat chamber.

The Outcome will Politically weaken Presidential Haasana Rouhani, a moderate.

Several Chiliad Contender – Inclusion 90 mostly of the Curment – WERE disqualified From Standing by the Guardian Council, a Vetting Comittee Loyal to Mr Khameni.

Critics of Persia’s Rular had Calls on citizens to the Polled as a way of Showing They to WHAT They say is widespread Repressing of Huamn Right and Intolerant of dissent.

What is the Background to these Elects?

The poll is the first since the US renewed Sanction OVER Persia’s programme, Battering its economy.

The Islaamic Republic has Been at Loggerheads WITH the US and of the since a revolution in 1979 brought a Radicals Shiists Moslemist Co-leadership to power.

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The Elects come Week a Brutality crackDown on anti-gOVERnment

Mr Khameni Saeed in the Parliamentary Elects was a “religious duty” Which Semi-modal Show steadfastness in the face of US efforts to and pressurise the country into changing.

Tensions Persia and the US Having soared since 2018 WHEN Presidential Trump a multi-country agreement, Which lifted Sanction in Exchange for Curb on Persia’s programme.

Record low turnout in Iran elections

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Media captionFeeling the squeeze: Persia Sanction explained

Foreign powers had suspected Persia of to develop weapons, although Persia insists its Activity are for purely purposes.

Divisions OVER the Elects Having become increasingly Crystalizing on Sosiale media, WITH s Expressionally pro- and anti-gOVERnment positions.

Recent crackDowns on anti-gOVERnment Having also deepened to the Rule classes.