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We’re all victims. Seriously. All of us. We put ourselves on the supposed “DO NOT CALL” list and yet a dozen times a day the phone rings with a random number that comes up as unknown, unassigned or wireless caller. Responding like the Pavlovian beings we are, we pick up the phone and, “Eliminate your student loan debt” “This is Rebecca from the credit department” “This is Discover Card” comes through the receiver from an entirely too chipper voice on the other end.

It’s called robocall hell, and Americans are stuck in it whether we like it or not.

See, most of the calls are just random dials. They have to be considering the number of student loan debt robocalls this writer gets on the mobile which sort of phone didn’t exist when he/she/it actually had student loans. That being the case, they aren’t going to stop until somebody makes a list of random robocall numbers and starts randomly calling those numbers with robocall messages.

Yes, it can happen. It has happened. Once upon a time, a robocalling machine called the national organ transplant hotline and it took two hours to get the two systems unhooked.

Of course, Americans could always take drastic action and just ditch the landline. (Not necessarily recommended in the case of an EMP attack, but it would save households a few hundred a years.) Since so many people aren’t answering their phones due to the robocall situation anyway, it would make the already irrelevant “DO NOT CALL” list useless.

There has to be a solution to the robocall phenomenon. Seriously, it’s driving Americans up a wall, especially when all the voice on the other end is after is credit card information.

Yeah, no.



~Deplorable Patriot~

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