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Uber Technologies Inc. has scored another first… The first to have a self-driving car kill a pedestrian.

A woman who was struck by the self-driving car late Sunday night in Tempe, Arizona died on Monday according to local police.

The self-driving Uber car is said to have had a person in the vehicle to monitor the vehicle’s operation and at the moment it is unclear why the person was not able to prevent the self-driving car from striking the woman. The woman is said to have been walking outside of the crosswalk.

The National Transportation Safety Board is getting involved with the investigation and Uber has voluntarily put a temporary halt on testing its self-driving vehicles. They have pulled the self-driving vehicles off the roads in Pitsburg, San Francisco, Toronto and in Tempe, Arizona where the accident occurred.

Uber put out the following Tweet and has vowed to cooperate fully with the investigation:

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Self-Driving Uber Car Guilty Of Murder

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Self-Driving Uber Car Guilty Of Murder

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