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First, my apologies to my regular readers. If you find anything I have to say here too harsh, I apologize, but like President Trump—and I am sure many others—I have had it with all these self-righteous pompous nobodies, running down the President non-stop, day in and day out.

I’ll start by addressing this Holier-than-Thou mentality Morning Joey and other liberal fools have, who keep talking about how the President’s Tweets are beneath the Office of the President. Everyone seems to recognize that Joey and and his soon to be unhappy wife, Mika, were out of line, then comes the BUT… BUT they are just television host and Donald Trump is the President of the United States!

I totally agree Donald Trump is President of the United States, but those two are not just television host, they are terrible television host, with less viewers than I could get doing a live Facebook broadcast.

But let me toss in my BUT… BUT, if everyone suddenly wants to exalt the position of the President of the United States and condemn Donald Trump for not being worthy of such a prestigious office, then how about you morons show some respect for the prestigious office Donald Trump was appointed to lead by the American people, and treat him like the President of the United States deserves to be treated!

You clowns seem to think you represent the American people and that everyone feels the same as you do about the President… News break! We the People ELECTED Donald J. Trump to be the President of the United States… NOT you!

Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election with the largest electoral college landslide in the history of America, who the hell do you think you are to decide he is not worthy of office? The two of you make a lot of brainless comments about how mentally unstable and unfit President Trump is, but I would suggest that it is the two of you who are delusional and experiencing delusions of grandeur! If anyone needs to be evaluated, it is two television host with no standing in the ratings, who believe they represent the people and are of more importance than the President of the United States! Tell me, do you hear the voices of all the people you think you represent?

Try and filter this one voice… SHUT UP!

You have every right to critique the President’s professional performance and policy in a non-judgmental way… That’s the “protected” role of the press in America… You have NO RIGHT to attack ANYONE’s personal character on a daily basis and expect to get away with it, or expect people to tolerate it! You’re not that important… You’re not that special…

I, like many Americans, took issue with a lot of President Obama’s policies… I would have never even considered personally attacking him the way you attack President Trump, why would I, because he had different ideas than me? How ignorant would that be?

And let me help you understand something else… I heard you two trying to justify your behavior by pointing out that President Trump asked to see President Obama’s birth certificate… Why wouldn’t he? You never asked for it…

I have heard all of you liberals moaning and groaning about President Trump not providing his income tax returns, then often condemning him in the same breath for wanting to see President Obama’s birth certificate… Well, this might come as a surprise to you and the other liberals, since education and facts are not something you find all that important, but We the People have a Constitutional RIGHT to ask for proof that a Presidential candidate is a natural born citizen… There is NO Constitutional right to see a candidates income tax return! Had the press been doing their job, they would have joined the people in asking to see a birth certificate.

Forget about who believes he was or was not born where, the issue is that EVERY presidential candidate has an obligation to prove they are a natural born citizen… End of debate.

If the American people feel so strongly about presidential candidates disclosing their tax returns, that problem is easily fixed… Not by badgering a candidate or the President, but by approaching their congressional representatives and pushing for them to pass a law, or a Constitutional Amendment. Ask yourself this though, if tax returns are so important, why is it that every state in the union has not had at least one representative put forth a bill to make it a requirement? Do you really think such a bill would pass?

And for all those arrogant loud mouths who think the President is hiding something because he will not give up his tax returns… How many have taken the time to review the required, lengthy financial disclosure every candidate is required to file? And my bet is that most of those crying to see his tax returns, would have no clue what they were looking at anyway… That’s why tax preparation companies have lines running around their buildings with people waiting to get someone to fill out a 1040 EZ form for them…

For those liberals and traitors that just can’t resist pointing out how even Republicans are being critical of President Trump, as if that justifies their inappropriate behavior… They should filter out this one voice too… SHUT UP!

Those Republican representatives need to start showing the appropriate respect to the Office of the President too! Like the two useless clowns impersonating the press, until you start treating Donald Trump in the appropriate way a President Should be treated, you have no room, or right to run your sucks either!

And allow me to give you Republican impostors a word of caution… If you expect to remain in office the next time Americans go to the polls, you should seriously give some thought to supporting President Trump the way one Party member should support another. In case you have been in a coma the past couple of years, President Trump went through 17 of the best Republican candidates ever to run for office at one time… They were arguably some of the best politicians in the country and President Trump walked right over them and into the White House… He did so because the American people put him there… When you go against President Trump, you are going against the American people… The ones who vote!

Frankly, I have never witnessed such stupidity in my life… I realize President Trump and his methods are unorthodox by Washington Standards, but not supporting him at this point, is just stupid!

Anyone capable of winning an election, with an electoral college landslide, with NO ONE on his side and every political party and establishment operative working to defeat him, is the kind of man you should be willing to follow through the gates of hell, with a bucket of gasoline!

And I would also remind you that as brutal as the presidential campaign got in 2016, President Trump, who took a defensive position through the entire battle, was a total gentleman when he won… He reached out to every one of his adversaries, no matter how personal the battle was between them, and not only tried to mend the relationship, but offered and gave most of them positions in his cabinet. I’m not so sure any of the other candidates would have made such a gesture had they won the campaign.

I want to address this issue of poll numbers with you clowns that keep bringing them up too… I am so sick of hearing your dribble about how President Trump is polling lower than any other president… One day he’s in the 40’s the next the 30’s etc.,… Where ever he happens to land, he is polling lower than any other president in history…

What EVERYONE seems to forget… And this is VERY important… For 18-months I listened to all you talking heads ramble on about how Donald Trump was one of the lowest polling candidates in history… All the way up until election day, you all seemed to take great satisfaction that Donald Trump was polling lower than anyone ever had, and that you were going to elect someone who should have been indicted on criminal charges and is responsible for getting some of America’s finest killed in Benghazi… You were ready to elect a woman that was clearly running a criminal empire, using her position in government for her personal gain and benefit.

On election day, every news station and every political analyst in the country was leading with the narrative that Donald J. Trump had NO path to 270… In other words there was no way in hell he even had a chance of winning the presidential election… In fact, listening to the commentators, you would have thought we were only opening the polls to be compliant with the law… If you were not going to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton, you may as well of stayed home!

Unfortunately, for all you self-righteous pompous idiots like I mentioned above, you are all a bunch of megalomaniacs… Delusional beyond the comprehension of most Americans…

All you liberal talking heads rambled on about how you hoped Donald Trump would do the responsible thing and “control” his supporters after he lost so we didn’t protest and scare you… So the nation could execute a peaceful transfer of power, as an example for all the world to see… What a frickin joke you liberals have made of that concept…

And do yourself a favor Mika, if your sweetheart Joey wants to be one of the men and you want to be treated with equality, then you both had better stop slinging personal insults at others. You don’t get to walk into the men’s locker room, start teasing a man about how small his hands are, implying that it correlates with the size of his manhood, then run crying to your friends when he points out you are totally without one. That’s just not reality young lady…

And one more time, just to try and help you through this so you get a better understanding, people who believe the Office of the President is a prestigious office, deserving of respect and dignity, don’t tease the person who occupies said office about the size of their hands… At least President Trump kept his vulgar, inappropriate locker-room talk in what he thought was a private setting, where he thought it was just talk between two men… He does’t get on television every morning making childish implications, giggling like 2 year old.

Mika, I have also heard you and Miss Joey criticize the President for taking the time to Tweet about the two of you… All day long, you and the other liberal drones have gone on-and-on about how there are more important things the President should be doing besides responding to you two losers. While I will make no argument that doing anything, like maybe getting a root canal, would be a better use of his time, the implication that you and the community of liberal idiots seem to be making, is that it takes away from his entire work day just to send you a lame 140 character Tweet.

It may take you and Miss Joey all day to form a sentence or two, but I’m sure President Trump probably spends no more than a couple of minutes to send you and Miss Joey a Tweet, as he makes his way down the hall to work in the morning. Heck, I’d be willing to bet he would have never given you two a thought, had he not had a bowel movement that morning. Having listened to the two of you more than I should have the past 24 hours, I can understand why a morning bowel movement would remind him of the two of you…

I’ve never watched your program, but what I have seen of it since the President hurt your whittle feewings, leaves me wondering how you and your lady friend Joey ever got hired… Even more perplexing, is how you have managed not to get fired, given your daily, childish personal insults of the President of the United States…

I’m a United States Marine… I would give my life protecting the right for you and your lady friend to spend your mornings insulting the President, but I’d have to report straight to hell because I would need to shower in burning fuel oil for life to get the stench of doing such a thing for the likes of you two… You disgust me and in my opinion, it is the two of you and programs like yours that represent everything that is wrong with this country right now!

In closing, I would ask you to step back and take an objective look at how President Trump has been conducting himself as President… Not how one asshole deals with another, but how he has represented the country and the decisions he has made as President.

From my view point, he is the only one conducting himself professionally. Unlike the media that devotes their every minute of every day looking for ways to run our President down in some immature demoralizing way, he devotes his time to his agenda to benefit the American people. He does not hastily respond to the press when they shout demoralizing questions at him in front of foreign dignitaries, he didn’t get in office and start firing people, (even though he probably should have) he recognizes they have families and their income is important to them. He has not ordered military assaults every time there is a spat with other nations and the one time he did launch an assault in Syria, it was done in a professional, rational way directing the professionals rather than trying to run the show himself.

On the other hand, the media and Republican traitors come unglued over everything… Stupid things like a Tweet, or the President standing his ground for the country’s benefit, rather that just giving into every request and demand by others.

I have heard more talk about “cyber-bullying” the last 24 hours than I ever had and it seems to be mostly used to drag President Trump’s wife into the mud… What do you call it when every liberal news network spends their days and nights making “personal” degrading insults about the President of the United States? I call it treasonous conduct!

And Donny “Pusillanimous” Deutsch, you threatened my Commander-In-Chief… I’ll meet your pompous loud mouth in any school yard any time… You might feel like a tough guy on camera with all your limp wristed liberals around you, but you challenge or threaten the President of the United States, the Commander-In-Chief of the worlds finest military force ever, and your problems in life just multiplied… You may not like the President, you may not show the office the respect it deserves, but men like me will defend [whoever] sits in that office… You have crossed a line into a realm that you don’t want to be in… Real men would not let you within a hundred yards of the President though! You know this, that’s why you feel so brave…

KGB Defector

SemperFi, SGT A