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On Wednesday, March 14, all over the United States, walkouts were staged in high schools in memory of the seventeen people killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting. The mainstream media would have the world believe that the teenagers of America have no use for firearms – or the Second Amendment – and were using their First Amendment rights to express those sentiments.

Online discussion board participants tell a different tale as reports of parents refusing to sign permission slips for the walkout and students choosing not to participate have been part of the comments on several stories.

At one high school in New Prague, Minnesota, a student dared to disagree, and was threatened by no less than the school’s principal – and it was caught on video.

The short video does not show what took place before or after the principal singled-out the student. In the post, MacDonald provided the following account of what took place:

“Kids at our school today walked out, in honor of the 17 students killed in Florida. Students held signs that said, “Arm our teachers” they had two signs. A student walked out without saying a word peacefully put up his sign which said “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” he was escorted off the property by our principal and threatened to be put into a police car. This violates the first amendment and makes me sick that they can do whatever they want. Please make this go viral.”

Within a few hours, the video had already been viewed nearly 300,000 times, shared over 17,000 times, and received thousands of comments from people who expressed anger and disgust over the suppression of free speech and political indoctrination at public schools.

That account, along with the online community’s anecdotal and empirical evidence leads us to conclude that the walkouts, far from being student-led and organic, appear to be part of a larger campaign to shame Americans into believing that gun rights are in some way against our best interests. This certainly is not the first time this sort of thing has happened, but the tactic is not as effective as the busy-bodies want it to be.

Simply, they want the appearance and image that the majority agrees with their stance even when we don’t.

Make that video go viral. Using one amendment to attack another is pretty unAmerican.



~Deplorable Patriot~

VIRAL VIDEO: Student BOOTED From Walkout For Expressing HONEST TRUTH

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