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The whole students walk out of school to protest gun laws narrative is taking hits left and right. The popular mainstream media story is that the students did all of this on their own initiative. Then stories started to surface that parents had to sign permission slips for the marches. (That reeks of pre-planning on the part of school administrations, not student-led spontaneity.) There have been reports and videos of students who took the opposing viewpoint, exercised their first amendment rights in support of the second, and were subsequently punished by their school’s administration.

Now comes word out of the state of Ohio that one student who decided to not take sides, and simply didn’t participate one way or the other, has been suspended for his non-effort.

An apolitical Ohio high school student received a suspension this week for remaining seated quietly in his classroom as about half of his peers participated in a leftist-choreographed march for gun control, and the other non-protesting half were “rounded up in the building” like cattle and marched to a “study hall,” according to The Independent (Massillon).

Stunningly, no other student received a suspension, including the indoctrinated ones who marched onto local streets Tuesday on behalf of the Democrat Party’s mission to enact draconian gun laws on all firearm owners.

The student, Jacob Shoemaker, told The Independent that he had simply sought to remain apolitical about the whole matter

In his own way, this student exercised his first amendment rights. If the students don’t want to participate in a protest they shouldn’t have to. However, the administration of his school seemed to want to make an example of this young man. This is what happens when you refuse to follow the crowd.

For sticking to his principles, Shoemaker received an out-of-school suspension

“Student refused to follow instructions after being warned repeatedly by several administrators. Student not permitted on school property 24 hours,” his suspension notice reportedly read.

His father wasn’t exactly thrilled about this: “He stayed in the classroom, where he was supposed to be in the first place. It’s kind of ironic,” he said….

He pointed eout that the school’s desire “to relocate those who wouldn’t participate in the protest to a single location … exposes those who wouldn’t participate more easily. Remaining in class would have been the better option and the idea that the school punished a student for remaining in class where he would be considered outside of safe bounds is ridiculous.”

Orwell couldn’t write some of these stories any better.

Student Suspended For NOT Supporting Liberal Anti-Gun Agenda



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Student Suspended For NOT Supporting Liberal Anti-Gun Agenda

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