Aspiring Actor Live-Streamed Suicide, But There is More To The Story!


Just days after getting busted for an alleged sex crime, Frederick Jay Bowdy broadcast his suicide on Facebook’s livestream.


Frederick was doing his best to build an acting career and had already landed a few roles in such things as the 2016 film, Prepper, some various television roles, and was in the middle of starring in a sports film, Going Vertical at the time of his death. suicide

Frederick worked as an exotic dancer in Hollywood when he was not acting to keep the cash flowing. A steady income is necessary for a father of at least six children.


Details of the alleged sexual assault are not know since they are typically withheld to protect the victim, but we know he had been released on $100,000 bail according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Sgt. Janice Banks.

It was just a few days after being released on bail that Frederick began broadcasting himself on Facebook live from inside his car, announcing to everyone that he was going to commit suicide. An out of state family member saw the broadcast and placed a call the the police in California.


The police were able to determine the location of the broadcast and and tried to reach Frederick before he executed on his plan, unfortunately they were too late. When the police arrived they found Frederick Jay Bowdy dead, sitting in his vehicle with a gunshot wound to the head.

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