Transvestite And 5 Women Involved In BIZARRE Crime Ring. This Is SICK!


Well, I have been convinced in recent years that one should never say, “I’ve seen or heard it all,” since the internet has evolved. It’s as if the more technology evolves, the more morality declines. LOL

A Victoria’s Secret store in Port Richey, Floridia has been robbed of about $4,500 worth of bras and panties by what police are calling a sophisticated, organized crime ring consisting of one transvestite and 5 women.

CRIME Ring 2

The police say this is not the first time this group has struck and that calling it “shop lifting” just does not do it justice… It is an organized crime ring.

The group is believed to have targeted at least 3 other stores in the Bay Area over the past month and are believed to be selling the stolen goods on the internet.


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