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While most people have been treating our 45th President Donald J. Trump with nothing but disdain, there is one group that has been treating him with nothing but the utmost respect… That group of men and women are the finest men and women in the nation, they make up the United States Armed Forces.

When President Trump made his first trip to the Pentagon, in his capacity as the new Commander-in-Chief, he was there to meet with his Joint Chiefs of Staff and newly appointed Defense Secretary, retired Marine Corps General James Mattis.

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General Mattis was waiting out front to greet President Trump on arrival, with a joint services team in uniform on each side of the path into the building. When President Trump’s limo pulled up, General Mattis was waiting at the position of attention and when the President exited the limo, he stepped forward and greeted the President with a handshake.

When the two turned to walk into the building, the ceremonial team lined up on each side, was called to present arms, at which time you could hear their weapons brought into the position of present arms in front of them, as the President and General Mattis walked past them.

There was no one refusing to render a present arms in protest, no one yelling rude comments at the President, no one calling him a liar, just a formation of spit polished members of the armed forces that had spent hours preparing their dress uniforms so they looked their best for the Commander-in-chief.

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President Trump has of course shown those in our Armed Forces a mutual respect, taking every opportunity to praise and recognize them. You may also remember I wrote about the way in which President Trump, after being sworn in, when escorted to his limo by an Army General, President Trump stopped before entering the limo and rendered a proper hand salute to the General. Well, as proper a hand salute as I am used to seeing from a civilian with no military experience. 🙂

President Trump could also be seen observing the Parade after the Inauguration, standing straight and rendering a hand salute to the military and American flag as they passed his viewing booth. This is quite a change from the previous Commander-in-Chief, who was known for his latte salutes, head nods, and limp wrist waves as if he just didn’t have time for such insignificant people in the Armed Forces.

I have recorded a clip of President Trump being greeted and escorted into the Pentagon so you can see what I have been writing about. I don’t know about you, but I am really happy to see a President representing us that demonstrates patriotism, respect for our troops, our flag, and is unafraid to stand up to other world leaders!

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