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It’s been a long time since the American military placements really provoked much of a response from the world’s only other superpower. Since President Donald Trump’s Defense Department started doing things differently, officials in Russia have taken notice, and they do not like what they see.

Both the US and NATO have been “accelerating build-up of infrastructure in Europe,” the Russian leader said Friday. Referring to the “defense strategy recently put out” by Washington, Putin said it was “definitely offensive… speaking in diplomatic language.”

“And if we switch to military language, then its character is definitely aggressive,” the president added, speaking at a Russian Defense Ministry meeting.

With NATO’s build-up in Europe, the US has violated the 1987 treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles, Putin pointed out.

“Formally,” America’s missile-defense launchers now based in Poland are meant to counter threats, he said. “The point is, and specialists know about it very well, those launchers are all-purpose. They can also be used with existing sea-launched cruise missiles with the flight range of up to 2,500 km [1,550 miles]. And in this case, these missiles are no longer sea-launched missiles, they can be easily moved to land,” Putin added.

Russia’s Defense Ministry “should take into account” Western military strategies, Putin said, adding that “Russia has a sovereign right and all possibilities to adequately and in due time react to such potential threats.”

Well, alrighty then. This essentially means that Russia has taken notice that the Trump team will not be lax when it comes to defending our friends in Europe. And, we’re setting up defensive shop inside what used to be the Iron Curtain. Provocative, yes, but by design. It is a move meant to keep the Russians and anyone else who has any ideas about encroaching on our allies from doing just that. This administration has no problem shooting first.

That alone is a change that is shaking up the world as The Cold War arranged it.



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