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An organization calling itself “Demand Protest” has been getting widespread national news claiming to have thousands of professional agitators on retainer for $2,500 a month was on Tucker Carlson tonight. In addition to the $2,500 they also pay them $50.00 per hour. They claimed their annual operating cost was some $80 million a year.

Every mainstream media organization had picked up the story and the founder, “Dom Tullipso” (the L’s are silent he says.) has been interviewed for days promoting the organization.

While the majority of the mainstream media is so anxious grab any story and speak to anyone against Donald Trump and the peaceful transfer of power, The FOX News show hosted by Tucker Carlson was not so gullible.

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In doing just some basic vetting of the organization they determined that no one named Don Tullipso existed, the Facebook page and Website of the organization had just been created, and there was absolutely nothing they could find to support the story of the young man.

Tucker immediately called his mysterious host out informing him that he knew he was a hoax and asked him to show some form of Identification, which he refused to do on air and had refused to provide the producers.

As Tucker began to play along asking what their objective was, the young man claimed that the mission of the organization had just changed within the last 30 minutes and they were now going to support Donald Trump and stand up against the anti Trump posters.

While the young man never admits that he is a hoax, he does indicate to Tucker that he is surprised how easy it is to tell the media something and have the story spread nationwide without the slightest vetting by the press. He said it didn’t matter how crazy the story was, reporters were more than happy to grab it and sell it as the truth, putting him on air having no clue who he really is.

He expressed how impressed he was that FOX News had checked him out, even though he insinuated that Tucker was vetting him while he was on the air. Tucker assured him that they knew he was running a scam long before he was on air.

Watch the video below and tell me what you think in the comments.. Also, please share this with everyone! I ask you to share this story because so many are buying into the mainstream media’s claims that everyone that is not part of the ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC , etc., club is a fake news site. People need to know just how reckless the mainstream media is and how anxious they are to pick any story they hear critical of President-elect Trump and promote it nationwide! After you watch the video below there is one thing you should realize…


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