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U S Marine Delivers Message To Trump, Pence, and Gen. Mattis From His Death Bed


I do not know this fine Marine, but I encountered his video while working my way through the post in a political group, and knew right away that I had to share it. U S Marine delivers message

It took me a few minutes to clear the sweat from my eyes. It’s a pretty heartfelt message from a man who was able to pass away shortly after recording the video, knowing that the country was being left in the hands of men he felt would Make America Great Again.

As you watch this Marine deliver his message, consider all the lives that have been sacrificed to hold this experiment with freedom together. I’m sure it hurt him to see so many people, young and old, advocating converting this country to socialism. I’ve never known or met anyone who served that raised their right hand, vowing to protect and defend the Socialist States of America.

It’s time we find a way to mend our differences and return to and maintain the course our founders sacrificed everything for so that future generations could live free, prosperous lives.

This is not the first time this nation has had to confront tough issues nationally and internationally. There has always been one thing that Americans do really well… When the chips are down, when we are under attack and threatened by man-made disaster or natural disaster, we ALWAYS come together as ONE and KICK ASS!



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