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A pedestrian Bridge that was just recently constructed at 109th Avenue and 8th Street near the Florida State University has collapsed and reports coming in from local media outlets are that there are a number of dead and many injured from the collapse.

The 950-ton bridge was put in place to provide pedestrian access across Tamiami Trail from Flordia State University’s Main Campus to Sweetwater where thousands of students live.

The bridge was apparently built differently from the way they usually do things off-site and then put in place with cranes. They say the bridge was constructed in this manner to significantly reduce the risk to workers, walkers, vehicles and minimized the disruption to the normal traffic flow for long periods of time usually associated with bridge construction.

VIDEO: Bridge In Florida Collapses Several Dead Multiple Injuries

It appears from the video, pictures, and reports that they failed at all those things because this is going to delay traffic in that area for some time now and judging from the way they are talking, there are going to be quite a few dead before recovery operations are over.

They have asked media helicopters to leave the area so they can listen for people who are trapped and initially requested any doctors in the area to come provide assistance on the scene. The media is now reporting that they are no longer requesting assistance from doctors on the scene.

I will provide updates and new information becomes available. I have not heard of them setting up any information lines for parents who might be concerned about their kids in school there or anything like that but if I do I will update this.

Those of you who are believers could say a prayer for those there on the scene… I’m sure they could use all the help they can get, that includes spiritual…


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VIDEO: Bridge In Florida Collapses Several Dead Multiple Injuries

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VIDEO: Bridge In Florida Collapses Several Dead Multiple Injuries

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