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{{VIDEO}} Republic Vs. Democracy

Republic Vs. Democracy

{{VIDEO}} Republic Vs. Democracy

{{VIDEO}} Republic Vs. Democracy

Dear fellow Americans, one of the things about the Obama administration and liberal representatives we had for eight years before President Trump was elected that annoyed me to no end, was a President that used to constantly refer to America as a Democracy. It has been repeated so many times, by so many in government over the past decade, that everyone in government and those in the media are referring to it as a Democracy on a regular basis. This has resulted in the general public referring to this great Republic as a Democracy and few if any know the difference!

We are NOT a Democracy! We are a Republic! This is something that our founders were adamant about stressing and worked hard to create, perfect, and detail in our Constitution!

I don’t know what has happened to cause us to lose sight of that in this nation, but I am stunned every time I hear one of our elected representatives refer to America as a Democracy. I know that every one of them has taken an oath to uphold our Constitution, yet most of them seem to have no familiarity with the Constitution or the system of government it created. Perhaps it’s time we start requiring them to pass some sort of test to demonstrate at least a basic understanding of the Constitution and system of government it created, before allowing them to run for public office.

{{VIDEO}} Republic Vs. Democracy

I was really taken back the first time I heard President Obama, who is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar, a man who alleges to have taught Constitutional law, refer to America as a Democracy. I know the difference is apparently not being emphasized to our youth today, but when I was a young man, in Junior High I believe it was I was first introduced to a government class, the teacher would have your head if you referred to America as a Democracy. It was the same in High School, America is a Republic and you better not forget it!

When I found myself in Marine Corps Boot Camp on Paris Island in February of 1981, the Marine Corps made sure we understood the Constitution that we had pledged our lives to. When asked during that period of instruction if America was a Democracy or a Republic, I don’t think there was a single recruit that hesitated to answer a Republic! It was as if they all had the same government teacher I did. Why has this changed today?

{{VIDEO}} Republic Vs. Democracy

In researching this article, I found this short video that does a fantastic job of explaining the various forms of government. I would encourage you all to spend ten minutes of your time to watch it. It should give you a good understanding of why we are a Republic and the importance of distinguishing the difference!

The next time you hear someone refer to America as a Democracy, correct them!



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