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During this afternoons White House press conference, Sara Huckabee Sanders FIRMLY put the White House press pool in their place when the conversation opened with dialog concerning Fake New.

The White House has been limiting the number of daily press conferences that can be filmed, have audio recorded, or both and the White House Press Pool has not been taking it all that well. In fact, some of the more active liberal propaganda networks—like the Corrupt News Network (CNN)—have been totally hysterical in their reporting on the issue.

President Trump has been calling the media out for their non-stop, inflammatory, corrupt, and down-right lies since the very beginning of the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Unlike other candidates in past elections, who did not have social media, or more current candidates with relatively few followers, President Trump having had a popular reality television show for many years, was able to reach of million followers. The President’s personal Twitter account has almost 33 million followers and his Facebook page has almost 24 million. He is the first President ever capable of getting his personal message out to the American people without a need for the press… And they HATE IT!

What they hate even more at the moment, is that after months of ridiculing the President daily on their perspective news programs, for his constant criticism of them reporting fake news, the President was vindicated when CNN recently published a story that was so inflammatory, it cost three reporters their jobs.

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The three journalist fired, well, “asked to resign,” were part of CNN’s investigative unit. Like about 95 percent of their other stories, this was another one of those fictional stories about one of his campaign advisers working with the evil Russians… You remember, those nice people Obama told Mitt Romney wanted their 80’s foreign policy back.

The story claimed that the Senate had opened an investigation into Wall Street Financier, Anthony Scaramucci, over a meeting he had with some executive for the Russian Direct Investment fund. The fund is a $10 Billion investment fund used to make direct investments into Russian companies.

Anthony Scaramucci is the founder of SkyBridge Capitol, a long time friend of President Trump, and he served on President Trump’s transition team.

The in-depth story was exactly that, a story… A story no different that the sort of ghost story you might tell around a camp fire with a group of Boy Scouts. It was easily verified as FAKE NEWS, the sort of FAKE NEWS that can destroy a persons reputation… The sort of FAKE NEWS that they would have no chance of defending if Mr. Scaramucci were to sue them.

The performance of Ms. Sarah Sanders in the press conference is fantastic! The reporter apparently thought he was going to put her in her place, but only ended up looking like a fool. Whoever he is might just owe a bit of gratitude to Fox News Channel White House Correspondent Kevin Corke, or came to his rescue resetting the opening tone of the meeting with the sort of mature question one might expect to see being asked of the administration… The sort of question that seeks an informative answer, not one of those attempts at a “GOTCHA” question for a headline to use over the next 24 hours of President Trump and the communist Soviet Union that has been actively attacking our democracy…

Is anyone else fed up with the main stream media shoveling dung through the television?

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

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SemperFi, SGT A