Why America Will ALWAYS Be Safe!

(Video Below)

I recently posted this meme


After I posted it a good friend expressed concern, indicating they were not sure if it would hold true today given the deteriorating American values in our society.

I explained that I am confident that just has been the case in the past, I was certain if the time ever came, that even though we are the minority, there are plenty of us left who will never surrender America to anyone!

Not 30 minutes after responding to the comment, I ran across this video someone had posted. This video says it all… This video explains why America will ALWAYS be safe!

If you are a Marine watching this and do not get aroused, and/or feel like taking over a small communist country when you are done watching this… GET OFF MY WEB PAGE!  LOL

This one always motivates me!

Posted by David Sheer on Monday, September 14, 2015



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