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WSJ Caught Publishing Fake News

New lesson in American life when one’s words may well end up in print: record the conversation and speak clearly for the microphone. Reporters at the Wall Street Journal might want to have the wax in their ears cleaned out, because over the weekend they misquoted the president, and once the audio was released to the public…well, even people who are not on the Make America Great Again train had to admit the paper standing by its story was wrong.

The quote in question has to do with North Korea’s little Rocket Man.

The Journal transcribed the audio of Trump saying, “I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un.” However, Trump denies this completely and claims that he said, “I’d probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un,” instead of “I.”

Then the president spoke without a filter and explained what happened.

Which was followed up with the audio of the conversation released by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

And a whole lot of people who listened to the exchange heard the “I’d” that President Trump says that he said.


Well, to be accurate, the WSJ’s reporting wasn’t exactly FAKE news. It was more twisted news to create a specific impression and narrative that put the president in a bad light…okay, it was fake.

It is stories and incidents like that that prompted President Trump to develop a new award system: the FAKE NEWS AWARDS which are due to be released on Wednesday. Those of us on the fruited plain who have been just as frustrated with the performance of the main stream media and their “reporting” are anxious to find out who the worst in fake news really is. No one is more anxious than Sarah Sanders, though. She actually has to answer questions from the idiots.



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WSJ Caught Publishing Fake News

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